Permaculture Fruit Garden


Lots of planting today before the Spring begins to merge into Summer, as often it does! Working in the fruit gardens by the Lughnasadh Garden is a joy as it affords me an opportunity to cast glances across at the new garden from quite different angles!

DSC06802Last year i grew lots of Blackcurrants from seed saved right here at Bealtaine.

I gave away many of these sturdy plants and so decided to plant the excess here in the new garden.

As you can see I am planting directly on top of the mulched area of cardboard and straw.

DSC06800I used compoost from the bins to give them the very best feed for the coming growing year. This is two years old and sweet smelling compoost.

DSC06801I also planted a Mulberry tree in the corner.

DSC06799Near the bottom of the path was planted the other Crab Apple.

Bees should certainly enjoy these new gardens!

I shall cardboard and straw mulch the area around this tree in the coming days so as to suppress all weeds.

DSC06803I added a shallow dish to the Lughnasadh Garden so Bees and Butterflies may drink water without drowning…it is such a sad sight to witness! The area to the right is simply cardboard and chippings from the garden shredder.


Elsewhere in the garden I have moved this home made wood shelter into place to store all the cut willow for use next winter.

DSC06816This gives a fantastic heat and is great for baking when I need higher temperatures in the stove.


This gives an over view of what I’ve done so far.

(Oops, there appears to be a rain drop on the lens!)


The tunnel is fast becoming my favourite place…I will set up a rocket stove nearby for making tea!


My book, “A Cottage and Three Acres,” can be purchased by clicking on this link…

Book Launch at Bealtaine Cottage

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  1. Hi. 🙂
    I never tire of seeing the gardens. So lovely. A note on the watering dish for the bees and butterflies: putting marbles or pebbles even with or just above the water line gives them something to stand on while they drink.

  2. I can see the beauty of your garden, Hard work always pays! It is evident from your garden. So Beautiful, As spring has come I will also love to grow new flowers and fruits in my garden area.

  3. Hi Collette, I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived! I can’t put it down. I’ve watched your videos so much that when I am reading the book I am hearing your voice in my head narrating!! I love it!!

  4. Colette I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it immensely! Not only is it full of good information and history, but many thought provoking chapters that qualify for a re-read (i.e. living a simpler life). Your spunk and determination to live the life you want is inspiring! I agree that you have lots more books left to write and I look forward to each and every one!!

  5. I’m very interested in your blackcurrants. Do you harvest them all or are some of them for the birds? Do you use nets?
    I’ve been inspired by you to take 5 cuttings from a friend’s rampant blackcurrant bush last autumn and they all took and are pushing out lots of new leaves. I’ve given 2 to another friend and I’m about to plant the other 3. Very exciting!

  6. I do so love these blogs and videos! I can watch your beautiful gardens all day long! You have given me much inspiration! I am just now starting seeds in flats in South Carolina! We planted about 50 moon flowers vines and twice as many blue morning glories! I am starting on my raised beds tomorrow! I have great plans for the butterlies, bees and hummingbirds! Blessings to you!

  7. So waiting for your new book. Would love to learn some of your endeavors. Thank you for spreading your knowledge and love for Mother Earth.

  8. Can you tell me how your maintain your paths? Do you have to mow them? Thanks! You are an inspiration!

  9. Your gardens look lovely! I am quite jealous as we are still buried under 3 feet of snow here in the White Mountains. We can’t plant until close to June.

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