Spend a Day at Bealtaine Cottage

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  • The first one day workshop of the year at Bealtaine Cottage is happening on Saturday the 6th of May.
  • There will be a maximum of four people only accepted for this day.
  • The day will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm.
  • Tea/coffee and home made vegan cake in the morning and afternoon, with a full lunch in the middle of the day.
  • This workshop will cover all aspects of sustainable and regenerative living here at Bealtaine Cottage. We will also look at planting and maintaining a Food Forest. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about this lifestyle.
  • The cost for the day is 75 Euros, payable when booking.
  • To book your place, use the link below. (Workshops at Bealtaine Cottage are filled quickly, so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment).
  • Once payment is received I will confirm with you.
  • PLEASE email first to ensure there is a place available on the day!
  • coletteoneill2010@hotmail.com

To book and pay, use this button…


Sorry, as of 4:30 pm today, 5th April, the places on this workshop are fully booked.

There will be a workshop day posted for the month of June…date to be confirmed!



  1. Dear Collette,
    I was reading up on the shaggy ink cap mushroom that you love so much. The University of Florida is studying it for leukemia treatments. It appears that certain proteins in it cause certain cancer cells to self destruct. So, eat up and enjoy! Many mushrooms are so medicinal…
    Also, that black spot in the forest that you came upon and wasn’t sure what it was. That was the mushroom self destructing and leaving the spores in the dark ink!
    Isn’t nature wonderful???
    You are not alone, Colette.
    There are many of us all over that are planting trees and food crops wherever we are.
    We have a Florida native garden with food crops and fruit trees all over. We have many birds, local and migratory that enjoy the insect population. We have many butterflies, native bees, reptiles and small mammals, too.
    Keep up the great work!
    Hope to meet you one day if we can get back to Ireland.:

    Susan and Sergio Casamento

  2. Poly looks so beautiful, the dark dusky pink blossom- thoughtful imaginative use of a space usually left fallow…wishing you all the best this Saturday.

  3. Hi again Rachel,

    I would love to go to go to this. Barbara says she is away at this time. Do you follow Colette’s Facebook page? I was wondering if you are interested…..Gladys

  4. I am so happy to see how quickly these workshop spaces were snapped up! I’m certain it will be a great time of sharing and learning for all. I wish it could be me but am pleased that so many want to see Bealtaine and learn from your experience. It’s a wonderful thing! Blessings never cease.

  5. Wonderful Colette! Thank you. I’d like to book if there is a place. Valerie Thorp.

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  6. Sounds like a great day Collette hope all goes well for you and that we meet up again. How did you find the sage I gave you when Mum and I came to visit? I also meant to send for some Honesty seeds, what do you have left? Keep well, Barbara

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