Bealtaine Cottage Podcast and Slideshow…Moving Forward!

dsc04661Welcome to the Cottage Podcast!

dsc04662This is Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland.

Beauty is here on the bed as you can see…she’ll be here all day!

dsc04663After some adjustments, I’ve managed to sort the Podcast in terms of volume. 

dsc04664Here it is, complete with the photos I promised to take this morning. 


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There’s an amazing amount of Shaggy Inkcap mushrooms here at Bealtaine this year…more than ever before!







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  1. Oh ,I love story telling ………..shall look forward to your first podcast on B.C.G.L.
    So pleased it’s been sunny with you ,it’s been grizzly here,but had a lovely day spinning with the guild !
    blessings ,

  2. I love to hear your voice and can’t wait for the wonderful stories you so generously offer to share….I want to ask many questions about fairies, flowers, gardening and much more! I’m not sure where to start but when I narrow it down I’ll send it along….. thank you Colette <3

  3. Love having the podcasts on the website Colette. It’s like having a friend round for a catch up over a cup of tea!
    I have to say that finding Bealtaine Cottage has been a joy and a real inspiration. I hope to visit one day.
    Many blessings to you xxx

  4. Lovely. Looking forward to podcast listening during the dark winter here in Northern Michigan. What type of camera are you using for your photos? They are always wonderful.

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