Easiest Ever Soup Recipe!


Soup, especially home made soup, is the mainstay meal of the Winter, providing healthy nourishment every day.

dsc04690I decided to get a big pot of Vegetable Soup going today.

The stove was hot and I was sorting out the kitchen cupboards.

dsc04687Here you can see the remainder of a wonderful bouquet of flowers I received last weekend on my birthday.

dsc04688I sorted through the vase and immersed them in fresh water…they should stay good for at least another week!

dsc04692dsc04693As I write this blog, the cottage is filled with the aroma of the soup cooking on the stove.

dsc04694Home made soup with a complex vegetable base is a cheap and tasty health insurance for the Winter.

dsc04691I have managed to avoid colds and flu, as well as flu vaccinations, for all of my adult life thanks to this simple recipe, usually made several times a week from this month on through to middle Spring!

dsc04696Enjoy the Podcast!

dsc04695Thanks and Blessings to you Dawn XXX…I’m loving the music!

Here’s the Podcast with the recipe…


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  1. It’s always such a delight to me to hear, read or see anything from you, at any time of year. I am making your soup today and intend to fortify myself with it all week. Incidentally, I just returned to Canada from the first visit home (Southern England) in 20 years and I now know that I want to come back. My niece lives in Sligo and loves life there for its peace and beauty, so visiting your beautiful part of the World is definitely in my future. Love and peace to you, Colette, and so many thanks for sharing your life with us all xox

  2. Yummy soup secrets to be treasured. So good .. with brown bread and add some currents into the bread while we are at it. Thank you for those beautiful images of your cozy warm hearth. The colors are so warm. These podcasts are just what the winter needs to take us through the cold days ahead. Thank you so much for your continued thoughts for our loved one. Thank you for these podcasts.

  3. My goodness this is magical. I cannot hardly imagine a more inviting space. And, the soup smells magnificent! i do believe I can smell it from here. Warmest Regards! 🙂 <3

    • I loved hearing your podcast. It was as though I was there having a cup of tea with you. Since I was a teenager I longed to go to Ireland and now at 39 I still do. Hearing Clannad past present in the background made all those old feeling s come back. Got a little teary-eyed. Anyway you are a real gift to this world and thank you for all that you do. Blessed be from me here in Wellington New Zealand. Justine x

  4. It’s a hot, hot day here in the Land of Oz, but I’ve written down that recipe for the next coolish day we have, and lord knows when that will be. But as I’m English born, I love a good soup. I love the sound of your voice, so soothing. Cheers and as you say blessings. Janet.

  5. Lovely…..Yes I like the sound of “your studio” ……I enjoy making a pot of soup so much , it’s therapeutic! as all the flavors begin to mingle and the aroma carries through the house…..it’s comforting like a warm hug for your belly, and it’s always even better the next day! happy healthy blessings Colette <3

    • So true! And all that good energy we draw down into the pot as stir…it’s biodynamic! Soup is probably the healthiest meal one can make and infused with love, so it’s healing too!

  6. I have so enjoyed your blog these few years, and the pics of your perfectly lovely home and life. Thank you.

  7. Lovely blog. And great to have text with the photos as I don’t always have time to listen to the audio but do always have time to check out the beautiful photos. I managed to listen to today’s podcast later on, albeit in chunks. It was very enjoyable but I have to say on the subject of vegetables not being able to resurrect and come back from the dead – don’t be too sure! I had half a red cabbage that sat in my fridge for an embarrassing length of time. I’d intended to ferment it, along with radish and celery and garlic and dill seeds and such, but chopping up the cabbage finely takes a long time and somehow I never got round to it. In the end I decided the cabbage -which by now looked decidedly unsound despite its vacuum pack – was undoubtedly beyond saving, so I donated it to the worms in my worm farm, figuring they wouldn’t be picky about what they ate. I was astonished when I next lifted the lid to find that the “dead” half cabbage had started to grow upwards and even had tiny flower buds forming. I was so impressed by its determination to go forth and multiply that I fished it out and stuck it in some compost where it has soared upward into a purple pagoda shape, embellished with tiny flower buds. So cabbages do have an after-life.

    • Hallelujah! I can imagine you drawing the old cabbage forth, from the worms and into the light…to be sat with some final dignity upon a compost heap! Persephone would be proud! Lol!…and Blessings X

  8. What a lovely start you’ve given my Sunday. Thank you for the little visit and sharing a coffee while I start my day. It’s a completely overcast and slightly snowy morning here and your popping in has set a peaceful tone for the rest of this day.
    Have a wonderful evening with your daughter and grandson. Oh and thanks for the soup recipe.
    Blessings to you from my cabin in Alaska.

  9. While in Ireland, we ordered soup almost everywhere we ate since it was often the only vegetarian option. That and the brown bread were so so so yummy. We found it interesting that almost all the soups were blended and creamy. Here, vegetable or minestrone or similar soups just have chunks of veggies with a watery base. Michael was a bit jealous when he saw my blended minestrone since he prefers creamy soups.

  10. Haven’t stopping laughing yet at the “gawping vegetables” ………….we’ve all got them !! 🙂

  11. So beautiful–your life, your home, your voice, your thoughts and ways of life nurturing all of us. Many thanks.

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