Heart Awakening…Are You Experiencing This Too?


To say we live in strange times is an understatement!

dsc04710Recent conversations and experiences have led me to expect the unexpected in life at present!

dsc04705This morning, as I drove back from Mohill, another “experience,” happened.

dsc04708It was good that I had already pulled in by the side of the road!

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  1. Hi Colette, unfortunately this podcast has no intention to make itself heard and I wonder why, because other ones work instantly. As for images of Brigit, maybe the card I brought you a while ago can help? Bye for now and always thank you for what you share.

  2. Love your new podcast format, rather than the written word…it means I can make a pot of tea or coffee, grab my current knitting project and sit with you for 20 minutes or so, having morning tea “with” you in your little cottage, good conversation and laughs….do you ever hear me answering back to you? What a lovely way to share and connect, even though I am on the other side of the planet! cheers, Shannon

  3. I loved everything you said here, your words resonated with me strongly. Thanks for lifing my spirits 🙂

  4. Good day Collette, I often have such experiences. I live at the southern tip of Africa, at the ocean, and seeing whales and dolphins always evoke such intense feelings in me. I find myself weeping for no other reason but pure joy and peace.
    Have a wonderful day. Simone

  5. My totem animal/insect is the dragonfly, it made its presence known in my life a lot. But lately I have been noticing swans popping up and I was wondering why I was noticing this. I shall have to also research what that means.

    Life is definitely too short to drink bad coffee so I always buy a coffee I love and savour it.

    I was surprised you bought a newspaper, but then you will put it to good use. I also don’t know who the current celebrities are and really don’t care. But I do resonate with Manuel from Fawlty Towers. I so enjoy the podcasts, thank you.

    Blessings to you from the Land of Oz.

  6. Hi Collette, wonderful thoughts. You’ve reminded me of a moment in late summer as I was sitting outside my humble home watching the swallows circling above my head. I had this profound feeling they were bidding me farewell and I became very tearful, feeling they were part of my family preparing for their long journey. Perhaps this was a moment of awakening, its only now listening to your story that I’m reminded of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • I hope to allow people to connect to the experiences they are encountering, in the same way as you can now relate to yours…opening sharing and acknowledging there is a change of perception afoot!

  7. Hi Colette,
    Yes, this is Awakening and there are great numbers of people all over the Earth, who are waking up spiritually. There are some things on the web about spiritual awakening, but some needs taking with a pinch of salt! It can be a bit scary at times, if you have palpitations like I have had on many occasions over the last five years or more. However, I realized that these were right over my heart chakra, not where my heart is. Don’t worry; just breathe steadily and carefully, rest and you will be fine. Many emotions will sweep over you at times, but this is normal. I’ll check what I’ve got and send you something when I email you when my brooch arrives. I’m tickled by the fact that I’ve seen you ‘awakening’ for a good while now, but you are now beginning to sense this. If I’d told you what I could see what was happening, you would have probably though I was nuts! That your heart chakra is opening, is GOOD, so stop fretting and just go with it!
    The swans are sacred to the Goddess Brigit, so I think that will resonate with you! Check out Wendy Andrews website and her gorgeous artwork. Maybe Brigit is the Goddess who is trying to help you. Think she is protecting you too.
    I buy a paper on Saturdays, to get a weekly radio programme listing and catch up what’s happening out there, in the strange world that tells us it’s normal. I too, haven’t a clue who these so-called celebraties are! And do I care? NO!
    Hope you enjoy your coffee! I rarely drink coffee, so buy Fair Trade. Tea is Clipper Organic, which had unbleached teabags. (I’ve packed all my teapots, ready to move!)
    Anyway, I’ll be in touch soon – so take care, lovely lady!
    Bright Blessings X

  8. Colette, how wonderful to listen to your observations and thoughts on Heart Awakening. You are a kindred spirit of myself and many others who experience these intense moments of connection with Mother Earth. Thank you for putting so well into words what many of us feel. Sharing your laughter and joy of life and beauty is such a gift. I so loved your thoughts about “if celebrities came to visit” and they told you they were important. Then you would say, well here’s Jack and he is an important dog; a celebrity in his own right. Not sure I got that quote right, but I just laughed right along with you! Perfect!

  9. You’ve not lost your sanity, you’ve found it. Those moments when our human sense touches the infinity of Being are cause for tears of overwhelming joy. We’ve all had those moments. There is a bright new future, the Earth will flourish, and so will mankind. The tide of Good is turning.. The world of Machiavellian chaos screams for our attention to discourage us. But we mustn’t allow it to deter our focus nor distract us from our course toward goodness which is spreading rapidly. Your laughter and joy are so encouraging. Can’t thank you enough for the winter podcasts. Thank you so much.

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