An Important Message…


First things first…this is an important message!

I’m receiving all your messages, including those from Paypal, but, am unable to respond…so here’s what I would like you to do…

Please send me a direct email whenever you  send donations or purchase books or seeds, so as I can respond directly to YOUR email address to both acknowledge and thank you!

I am more than happy to reply to you ASAP and respond to ANY queries you may have! IMG_2535Now, that being said, I can get on with sharing images captured this morning as I walked the gardens.



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  1. Hi Colette, what is your email address please? Or would you mind contacting me at my email address? I bought your book via PayPal but it has the wrong delivery address so I would just like to give you the correct address. Thank you, Rebecca

  2. Hi Colette I was just wondering if you had received the handmade gnome, book and donation I recently sent you I was a little worried that it hadn’t arrived, best wishes Julie

  3. Good Afternoon from Florida Colette. The beautiful map of Bealtaine Cottage just arrived in the post. Needless to say, “in person” it is breathtaking. What a magnificent job David Gascoigyne did with it. I’ve also just ordered the calendar and the Deep Midwinter book and of course cannot wait to get to “devour” them as I have just done with the Goddess Rising book. I read it in 2 days. Just could not put it down. You are a very gifted write Colette. You write like you speak. Both are mesmerizing to me. And again I must say, the post time was amazing. I ordered on 6/23 and got it today 6/28. From the West of Ireland to the Central Florida, 5 days is pretty good time. No need to replay, I know how busy you are and am so happy you have bounced back to your happy, healthy self. Blessings my dear Colette and to Jack too and to all the life you have brought to the Bealtaine land. XXOO

  4. Hello Colette! Hope you’re doing fine!

    I was wondering if you received my PayPal payment for your book? I sent the payment on July 6th…

    Can’t wait to receive your book and have some beautiful moments going through the pages!

    Lisette Riendeau (Agustino Santarossa)

  5. Hello! I just purchased your book to inspire me to work on my little piece of land. I appreciate your work for Mother Earth and hope to do the same. Your blog inspires me. THANK YOU.

  6. Reading your urgent message post…. I purchased your book, A cottage and three acres, on July 3rd. Thank you so much for all the work you put in to this beautiful and informative blog. Because of you I’ve researched Monsanto, oh my, I’m learning some frightening stuff! Blessings, Tricia.

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  7. I too have some of those yellow (Lysimachia Punctata) flowers growing wild under a pine at the top of the front garden. Three stems of them are looking lovely in a vase with other flowers including Ladies Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) for the foliage, to brighten up my washing up experience.

  8. I just finished reading “A Cottage and Three Acres” and I preordered the next book! I can’t wait to get it! Reading the book has triggered so many memories of my childhood with my Granny! I remember getting the wiping of my life for bringing her a birds nest with baby bird eggs in it! Back then I did not understand why Granny was so mad with me but she finally got me to understand why. This is now pretty much a commandment my children and their children will live by.

  9. Hello Colette!

    I already bought your book …yesterday by PayPal… Hope everything will be ok.

    I can’t wait to discover all the beautiful photos you have included in the pages and to read your thoughts!

    Thank you for all the soothing care you bring to mother Earth and to our souls!

    Lisette Riendeau, from Quebec, Canada

  10. Beautiful as always, I watched your youtube video and agree with Melanie you sounded much happier, and I must say I really love Jack, he is a gorgeous boy. We picked up some offcuts of decking from freecycle yesterday, seeing your pumpkins growing in crates has inspired me to try some pumpkin and squash, I expect I have left it too late this year now. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Marlene xxx

  11. Hello

    I want to visit the Bealtaine Cottage, do you have accomodation guest house for visitors to stay? I live in the caribbean.

    Joyce Marshall

  12. Beautiful photos , makes me very emotional looking at them …… Sheer beauty . So lovely to hear you happy yesterday , back to your old self. Blessings Colette xxxx

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