The Arrogance of Certainty

IMG_2440Thirteen years ago I made a decision to follow my heart and return to Ireland, with a mighty quest.

IMG_2439I wanted to prove the cynics and naysayers wrong.

IMG_2438I believed it was possible and doable to repair Mother Earth…at least a small part of her, whatever little piece I could afford to buy.

IMG_2434Now, thirteen years is a short time in the scheme of things and those who have looked at the before pictures are as amazed as I am at the speed, health and abundance of her recovery!

IMG_2436It is important to state here, for the record, that most people I knew, including friends and family, seen my quest as a form of madness that had taken hold of me in my post menopausal state!

IMG_2435During all of the thirteen years, as I wrote and photographed the unbelievable progress of this little bit of Mother Earth, I became aware that I was one of a small, but increasing band of strange people who had heard the call and got stuck in, doing, what seemed to others, a crazily mad thing!

IMG_2434I became used to the naysayers and the cynics.

IMG_2433I looked up occasionally from my ceaseless planting and sowing and saw people who talked the talk in fine measure, but stopped there!


Almost from the beginning of posting this blog, I have been lucky to have had some quite remarkable people who have made donations that have kept my mortgage going during the worst of times…and I have always struggled to keep the bank on the other side of the gate.

IMG_2430You know who you are and I am eternally grateful for your love and support!

IMG_2429At this thirteen year junction, for it feels like a crossroads for sure, I have become increasingly aware of what lies ahead…and, as with my strong feelings to do what others scorned some thirteen years ago, I care little for what the response is to my words…they must be recorded!

IMG_2428The arrogance of man is shocking indeed!

IMG_2422To have been so certain in the face of their own destructive ways, that the greatest seed bank ever built and guaranteed to last for centuries, if not millennia, was brought to within a hair’s breath of destruction within a few short years of its completion, should be the wake-up call of wake-up calls!

IMG_2421Read the arrogance of certainty in this Time article…

IMG_2416Now, we all know what happened this year, don’t we?

IMG_2415The Doomsday Vault has not even survived its first ten years!

IMG_2414So this brings me to what I want to say…

IMG_2408Things are changing faster than anyone could have expected!

IMG_2406I have witnessed the longest drought ever this year here in the west of Ireland.

IMG_2395The water table dropped in early April, the driest in forty years and has not risen since, but continued to fall!

IMG_2392We are now entering a period of great change.

IMG_2390The Arrogance of Certainty seems ridiculous with hindsight, for nothing is certain anymore!

IMG_2386Man has chosen to try to outrun Nature in a feeble attempt to remain in charge!

Mother Earth has poured scorn on his attempts in what was arrogantly termed the Doomsday Vault!

IMG_2442I continue to sow and plant…one of many little Arks across the Earth…and plant out the little clocks that
“Beats out the little lives of men.” ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson


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  1. Commenting on one of your videos ,when you talked about butterflies ………….This year is crazy for butterflies here in France ,there are so many, when in the garden, you have to breath carefully (and keep your mouth closed :D) We have patches in the garden where they feed and one of the areas where we walk our dogs. As you come out of the woods and walk along the hedge of a hay field(almost 1km long) there are literally hundreds ,maybe even thousands ,it’s a mixed hedge with lots of blackberries.It’s very hot and dry here this summer .
    blessings ,

  2. Oh Colette please do not upset yourself over likes and dislikes on the your YouTube video , you have so many people that have so much respect and love for you and what you do . I feel we are like a little family all loving the same thing , and if people are nasty and dislike your videos then they are not part of our family . Blessings from the heart to you xxxx

  3. I love this post, Colette, and so agree! We’ve made the move to our new spot, and I’m getting the gardens into new beds and nurturing the trees. My husband affectionately calls me CPL (Crazy Plant Lady), but we know it’s so important to create integrated and sustainable systems even in the city. Country, suburbs, city … wherever we find ourselves, we still need food and beauty, as do the pollinators and other critters of the world. Thank you for always being such an inspiration.

    Love and showers of blessings,

  4. Hi Colette
    Commenting on your Youtube video – “the price of everything and the value of nothing……”
    Please do not be discouraged by the seemingly small support. What you have accomplished already is far beyond a couple of likes and dislikes.
    I have been inspired and changed by what you have done, and so must many many others have been inspired.
    So please do not underestimate the good you have done by sharing freely with everyone out there.

    You have taken permaculture to the next level!
    Thank you

    • Thank you, thank you Dominque…I needed to hear this today…and you’ve inspired me to make another video! I shall keep on keeping on for ’tis in my nature! Blessings my friend XXX Colette

      • Dominique is right Colette! Bealtaine Cottage is beautiful and inspirational to many people. Your influence goes beyond how many people press a button or not. You are human and have had a few bad days, that’s allowed!….but keep going. I know you will bounce back! Xxx

  5. Hello! Did I mention to you about Steemit? It’s a very supportive community that will exponentially increase your viewers and your money and can even allow you to give back to your viewers unlike You Tube who is beginning to push the little guys to the side. There are no trolls and lots of support. It takes a little bit to wrap your head around how it works but it’s a great place for creative vloggers and bloggers…and photographers like you. Please take a moment to check it out. I think it will appeal to you.You grow through the community; not a big conglomerate like You Tube that only takes. And you don’t have to ask for money…you’ll make it on your brilliance! Also, if you have time (ha ha, where does it go?) check out “One Small Town” by Michael Tellinger. You may like his views also for the future of the world. Peace and Happy Goddessing! :))

    • Thanks for the suggestions, though, as you’ve already alluded to, I simply don’t have the time, for I am pushed as it is. Blessings to you and I shall look at what you’ve suggested.

      • Also, I forget if I ever mentioned Patreon. It’s a very cool service invented by a musician. People subscribe and pay a little bit whenever you post content. For many artists and innovators, this is a great supplement to their income. I’ll be sending you another donation once we get back on top of our moving and new food forest implementation expenses!

  6. An oasis of green here and another there, they all contribute to the survival of the biosphere and long may those that create and maintain them prosper.
    Our overgrown at the edges garden, our private little retreat full of this and that, hay bales, old sinks with strawberries, a little polytunnel, well it supported a really strange event last night. You see, I noticed a glitch on the CCTV recording this morning from last night in the small wee hours. On investigation it was a huge, huge dragonfly hovering in the dark just over the path. How lovely to have such things sharing our little space. Thankful, glad, content are all the feelings and thoughts in those moments. Namaste xxx

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