Thank You!


I’m sharing these images of Bealtaine Cottage this evening and saying a massive “Thank You!” to you all!

dsc02869 Many of you have been with me from the very beginning, when I first ventured into the world of blogging and began writing about my journey here at Bealtaine Cottage.

dsc02868I attempted in a small way, to be a voice for simple living through Permaculture, in my attempts at   helping to invest life and abundance into these three acres of Mother Earth…


…working out a template for others to use in any small way.

dsc02866Making the mistakes, planting land, growing the trees and just trying to get by in between it all! dsc02865Some of you have joined along the way…and many have stayed!

dsc02864The subscriptions have kept growing…a bit like my kitchen floor that grew for almost two years! dsc02863Bealtaine Cottage grew onto YouTube…

dsc02862And then onto Facebook…

dsc02861Bealtaine Cottage magical Gardens on FB has just reached 17,000 Likes!

dsc02860But tonight I want to say Thank You…

dsc02859To all of you who have made this little piece of Sacred Earth reach over ONE AND A HALF MILLION VIEWS!

dsc02858I never imagined it possible!

dsc02857Thanks for all your emails and good wishes!

dsc02856Thanks for all your love and support!


May the Bealtaine Project continue to grow…in the hearts and minds of all who wish for a better way of living WITH rather than ON Mother Earth!

Blessings XXX Colette


  1. You are such a wonderful soul who has shown me and others like me that we are not alone in wanting to help in any way small or big,that we can help Mother Earth in different ways.Thank you Colette for showing us the way home .
    Gail x

  2. It is great to make contact with a like minded person who loves individuality in these days of bland interiors and the throw away society.Long may you continue to inspire us.

  3. Congratulations Colette! And well-deserved too. I adore your home – it’s like something out of a magical film, or storybook – only better! You have a gift for creating beauty, something that is very needed in this world of ours. Thankyou.

  4. I so enjoy the photos of the cottage interior. It looks to be a very peaceful and welcoming space. It’s such an extension of your personality, lovely and caring, practical and yet joyous. You certainly have my thanks for your persistence and enduring devotion to living beautifully on your little piece of earth and for sharing so much of it with us. May you continue to be blessed and in turn to bless us by taking us along on your journey.

  5. Oh that’s just SO brilliant. Critical mass has been achieved, but there’s another critical mass awaiting. Well done to you for keeping it all going. I love following your journey and I know you’ve inspired a few people to at least plant one tree. Fantastic.

  6. Thank you for your work and efforts for Mother Earth, for yourself, and for all of your followers/friends. Even those of us who (like me with my broken arm and a dear spouse who doesn’t share my vision) can’t do even a portion of what you do🙂

  7. Thank YOU, Colette, and Congratulations! You’re adding so much to all of our lives, and I feel blessed to have discovered you and Bealtaine on the internet.
    I just re-read your “Welcome” page, and am once again amazed at the transitions you and Mother Nature are creating on the land!….Val

  8. Colette, you are fab, never forget that. xxx Spreading the word for the need to look after Mother Earth, so badly needed.

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