The Long-Awaited Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens


The Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens is now with the printers in Sligo…finally!19575189_777045269124365_7235027663363828620_o

The tiny error in the spelling of Ballyfermoyle has been corrected, (not shown on here), and I’m hoping to pick the 200 copies towards the end of next week.19748463_1072901282809391_6230458109830596244_n (1)

This map has been painstakingly drawn with fine detail and creativity by the artist and cartographer, David Gascoingne.

David Gascoigne Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday Colette, great connections made and great work done. And thanks once again for the opportunity & for supporting & encouraging me, I am still buzzing today & I have started on the series of Magic Animal Goddess Cards already .. Raven on the way first . ! I will put progress/updates on my David Gascoigne Art page 🙂 It’s a pleasure & honour to know you Mrs, what you’ve achieved at Bealtaine is nothing short of mind-blowing, certainly walk the walk well and are a genuine inspiration, Blessed Be, and more of this kind of thing 

The map is printed on A3 card, front and back and folded in three. To order your very own copy, click here… Map of Bealtaine Cottage and GardensIMG_2665

The summer progresses towards Lughnasadh as soft fruit is harvested and vegetables continue to grow bountifully.IMG_2667

Outside grapes are as advanced as those in the tunnel!IMG_2668

This old Perlagonium is in her prime…again!IMG_2670

With visitors arriving from America next week, there’s a tidy-up under way!IMG_2671

This is the time for late summer and autumn planting, especially with vegetables and flowers.IMG_2673

This is the second year for this white Hydrangea and it appears to be happy in its home.IMG_2675

My way with plants I’m unsure of is to put them into a big pot and place in the area I want it to grow…to see if it likes its home!


Some others, like this Willowherb, will set themselves and never move from that home…this doesn’t spread at all!IMG_2684

Where plants were heavily pruned over winter, all appears healthy and abundant.IMG_2685

At first I counted nine Buddleias in total, but I stand corrected, for I keep finding more and more…self-seeding is taking over!IMG_2708

Spirea, Shasta Daisy and Hypericum…all friends down by the gate!IMG_2705

The entrance to Bealtaine Cottage is a good advertisement for Goddess Permaculture and Permaculture in general!IMG_2694

Jack waiting for another car!IMG_2700

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgement. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” ~ Roy T Bennett


From dreamscape to landscape to map…


  1. endrickwater

    Love the map — and it can be coloured in, so perhaps have one for each season…? But I do have a question: how do you get your Rosebay Willow Herb to stay in one place, because in my garden it’s a total thug and very bad mannered to boot.


  2. Rachel

    Dear Collette, Wow! The first word that popped into my head when I saw the absolutely beautiful map. I was so drawn to its alluring and truly remarkable likeness of Bealtaine Cottage. Well done on such great collaboration, there must have been some great energy shared on those days whilst constructing the map.
    I love it- blessings of abundance to you and the wonderful work that you do in your gorgeous green goddess garden of permaculture!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue Clarke

    Dear Colette, I would love to buy one of the maps David created. Would it be ok to send you a p.o.? I have your address. I would have to send it on Monday. Warm blessings,Sue Clarke.

    On 15 Jul 2017 12:32, “Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing” wrote:

    > Bealtaine Cottage posted: ” The Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens is > now with the printers in Sligo…finally! The tiny error in the spelling of > Ballyfermoyle has been corrected, (not shown on here), and I’m hoping to > pick the 200 copies towards the end of next week. This map” >


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