Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens (Purchase Here…)




Magical Mythical Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens

Beautiful map created by the artist David Gascoigne, especially for Bealtaine Cottage. The picture shows one side of the is printed on both sides, see the photos on this page. The price includes all Postage and Packing to wherever you live in the world!



The map is printed on both sides on card. The map details all of Bealtaine Cottage gardens. This is the reverse side.


And here is one side of the map coloured by Kristi from Australia…thanks for posting me this wonderful pic Kristi!


A small part of the front of the map…


To secure your copy, go to the link below.19748463_1072901282809391_6230458109830596244_n (1)

Map: 7.50 euros + 2.50 P&P Worldwide

Total: 10 euros  Please use the link at the top of this page!

Just to let you know… Paypal no longer sends me through your email address, so confirming your order can be difficult. Don’t worry though, as I do receive your order, but if you want to check with me, feel welcome to email me direct…I always respond!

Blessings to you and thanks so much for helping to support Bealtaine Cottage…surviving only through your patronage! XXX Colette