Early Lughnasadh in the Gardens of Bealtaine

The last flush of Summer happens in early Lughnasadh.

IMG_3049As I walk the gardens in late evening, the earthy taste of Autumn pervades the air.

IMG_3052The wheel turns as endings and beginnings wind their way through the days of change.

All is change…

Mists form in early morning cool air as heat continues to rise from the earth.

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Soon the clothes of summer will be packed away, to be replaced with woollens and woven items more suited to the cooling of Lughnasadh.

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In the world of man the destruction and threats of destruction continues, as though in another dimension. Mother Earth is unaware of their arrogance and hubris…She just goes on, as they huff and puff and eventually blow themselves out…She just goes on!



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  1. Hello Colette. I love your videos & I’m learning so much! Thank you for all you’re sharing. You’re inspiring me to “keep planting!” I also think it’s amazing that your book has helped to save your local post office! I had a brainstorm this morning and wanted to ask you before I forget…you mentioned previously that you use wool as a fertilizer and to protect plants, because it’s cheap where you live (sometimes free) and that sheep farmers aren’t well paid for their wool. Is there a way they could sell it to people around the world to use in this way? It wouldn’t have to be high quality wool. Is that something feasible? I don’t imagine it’s very heavy, which might make shipping it more affordable, and they might be able to recoup some money that way? Just wondering. Thanks for being inspiring.

  2. As always Colette your words and pictures are so beautiful,so enjoy watching your YouTube channel and on another note I have ordered your map and just asked for one with a little extra left for Jack ,beauty and sammy bear❤️
    Gail and Brian xx

  3. Seeing your garden Collette and the way in which you speak about your little piece of Eden really warms my heart. I love hearing you speak about the wheel turning and the acknowledgment of all eight seasons on the Wheel of the Year. I do miss being able to comment on your youtube channel however I do understand your reasons and respect your choice. I do hope that one day I will be able to visit you and your home and experience for myself what it feels like to wake up in the morning at Bealtaine Cottage.
    Blessings to you and yours and may you have a magickal day 🙂

  4. I can no longer watch videos on permaculture after watching you. Now I just reference you, leave your page, and tell them it was all done by one woman alone, by seeds. Just to piss them off. (sorry I have a rough edge sometimes and men irritate me.) Well, they’re doing it all wrong. There’s no straight lines or rows in the woods. Not that I’ve seen. Blessings, Cathy Anderson

    • You’ve made ma laugh on this Monday morning! There are many good men who get it…I have a darling son, a wonderful son-in-law and two adult grandsons who are all on board with this…my 3 year old grandson is on track too…it’s how we raise them and love them. I also have a dear friend, a single parent, who is an incredible father to his son, raising him with deep compassion and love. But I do understand the frustration you feel Cathy, for that’s real too! Blessings XXX Colette

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