It was a time of change.

2017 brought a new direction for Bealtaine Cottage.

What began many years ago as a blog, then a website, transitioned into an almost daily video on YouTube.

The book, ‘A Cottage and Three Acres,’ was released in April 2017, with over 1,000 sales to date, and all from this website.

The decision to have this book and all other Bealtaine Cottage books printed here in Ireland, rather than being off-shored to Amazon, meant a great amount of personal financial sacrifice, but was rewarded with simply amazing support from you…something which I am eternally grateful for…

DSC06666It was also very important from the ethical perspective of the Bealtaine Project that all books be posted from my local rural Post Office, in a bid to keep it open and dear Pascal in employment…to date there is over 8,000 Euros in postage directed through Drumshanbo Post Office from Bealtaine Cottage book sales…thanks to you.

There followed a second book, ‘In Search of the Goddess Rising,’ a book that begins to explore some of the passion I feel for Mother Earth and the immense change of direction experienced by so many across the globe.

In between books, my dear friend and extraordinary artist,
David Gascoigne  created the beautiful map of the Goddess Gardens…available to buy from this website…the coloured map was the work of subscriber, Kristi Nicol from Australia, who coloured in the map beautifully, adding another dimension to the artistry of David.

Bealtaine Cottage Guide to the deep midwinterFinally, the year came to a close with the release of the Bealtaine Cottage Guide to the Deep Midwinter, a full colour edition of a previous booklet.

IMG_0245 (2).jpg2017 was a year of great change and optimism for the future, as I settled into my newly recognised status as a writer…recognised by the Irish government and awarded tax status thus…I finally have an independent income, something for which I am indebted to you for…Thank You X

A Cottage and Three Acres

Please email Colette if you would like a particular inscription in your book. From a desolate cottage set in 3 acres of monoculture sadness, to a vibrant, thriving food forest of life…the journey back to Eden over 13 years… Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


Please note that the book A COTTAGE AND THREE ACRES is currently being re-printed, but will be ready for posting by the end of the month…you may still order and your book will be posted to you at the earliest convenience.

In Search of The Goddess Rising

This is the second book in the Goddess Permaculture series from Colette O’Neill at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. In this book I explore the ancient landscape, mythology, literature and life around Bealtaine Cottage… in search of the Great Goddess. The price of the book includes all postage and packing to wherever you live in the world! Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


Magical Mythical Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens

Beautiful map created by the artist David Gascoigne, especially for Bealtaine Cottage. The picture shows one side of the map…it is printed on both sides, see the photos on this page. The price includes all Postage and Packing to wherever you live in the world! Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


Bealtaine Cottage Guide to the Deep Midwinter

A little Yuletide book filled with colour photographs, recipes, reflections, lore, poetry and mirth to guide you through the wonderful days ahead. Fifty pages of sheer delight from Bealtaine Cottage to you. The book is fully bound and can be posted direct as a gift. Price includes P&P worldwide. Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.



  1. Those look so very beautiful, and I love that you are trying to keep it local and suppot your post office–post offices are such a valuable part of our lives. Best wishes–

  2. I enjoy seeing and learning about your home and garden and, of course, seeing Jack, Beauty and Sammy Bear is always a treat. Thank you for sharing those parts of your life. I enjoy your strolls through the gardens and watching the seasons change. I suppose people tell you all the time that they feel they are right there with you on the walks. I know I do. You bring a calmness into my life by providing me a “walk in the garden”.

  3. Hi Colette,
    I’m just so thankful and glad that you are there for all of us, for anyone who is blessed enough to find your website, books, videos, posts etc. And I’m grateful that you’re spreading the word about Goddess Permaculture, and the need for everyone to live gently “with” Mother Earth. Here’s to a Happy & Healthy New Year, planting trees and loving Nature! xo from Val, here on the mild & wet West Coast of Canada!

  4. Happy New Year Colette. You have achieved so much and everyday you are at the back of my mind, inspiring me. So glad we found you. Many blessings for you and yours for 2018. xx

  5. You work so hard Colette, I have bought A cottage and three acres, and the guide to the Midwinter, when I have saved enough money I shall order in Search of the goddess. Thankyou for your wonderful work you do, I enjoy your you tube videos and have learnt so much from you. xx

  6. Thank you Colette for your nurturing love of Mother Natures most precious gifts and for being that guiding light to give others the inspiration to do the same. Thank you for your courage to write of the divinity of the beautiful life all around us. Love and blessings always.

  7. I love the black and white Goddess logo!
    And, of course, the fact that you keep taking Bealtaine woodland and yourself to new levels of growth. The joy surrounding Bealtine is so apparent!
    Blessings for the year ahead!

  8. I thank you Colette for creating three of the most beautiful books . You continually inspire me with your wonderful garden , home and fur babies , you have become part of my life and I think of you as a lovely friend . You are an earth angel lovely lady . Blessings to you and everything that you do from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  9. Thank you so much Colette, for everything you put out into the world! My partner gifted me your book “Cottage and Three Acres” for Yule and I read it in one night <3 Endlessly inspired by you, thank you! Blessings on you,
    Julia from PEI

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