The Woodland Cottage


It is Lughnasadh, the last great festival of the Celtic Calendar!

IMG_7974The year is tipping towards an end as Samhain marks the beginning of the new year… IMG_7971There has been much change here at Bealtaine Cottage as the canopy of trees has merged to form what is now truly a woodland.

IMG_7977This evolution has happened at just the right moment in time as we have witnessed a terrifyingly hot summer and drought…the woodland gardens have come through the worst unscathed…no loss on anything!

IMG_7966Beauty now lies between the stones of the great circle. I have flowers to plant here and many, many happy memories of this visiting soul who decided to spend time with us here at Bealtaine.

IMG_7976And so the wheel turns…

Jack is happy I am home from London and SammyBear sleeps on my bed. I wonder the woodland gardens able to breath once more!

For much of my time away I was very aware of my shallow breathing.

Indeed my face looked older and more stressed.

I am happiest here keeping care of this sacred place.

IMG_7960Much of my holiday was spent walking, something I love about being in the city!

To walk and be able to peer into other’s lives, through windows that are close enough to touch in the winding streets of North London.

I continued on my Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle while on holiday and was two pounds lighter upon my return home!

There are many more Vegan eateries and it was much easier to eat this way.

IMG_7980IMG_7990Rain had fallen in my absence and the Spring Well was refreshed enough to send water to the cottage down the hill…the tank in the loft is now full and filling!

IMG_7987IMG_7983IMG_7995I expected to see much more leaf drop, but as you can see for yourself here in these photos, the trees have come through unscathed!

IMG_7997The forecast for Autumn seems very much as it should be and may prove to be quite a spectacular colour show!

IMG_7999This website is now approaching two million views…wonderful to imagine all those who have stopped by and perhaps taken a little inspiration into their lives, shaking off the old paradigm of what a garden should be…

IMG_7998The gardens at Bealtaine are all dedicated to the Great Mother and thus are charged with her energy.

IMG_8008IMG_8009IMG_8012IMG_8016The energy of earth is healing, both of herself and all her life upon.

IMG_8039As I walked with Jack around the cottage I was stopped in my tracks by this image…that of a woodland cottage, for this year has seen the manifestation of my heart’s desire from fourteen years ago, that of a cottage in the woods.

One has an idea of scale when seen against the car…

IMG_8025IMG_8019IMG_8018IMG_8028Butterflies were out in force today, in time for the sweet flowers of the Buddleia!

IMG_8022IMG_8030I uploaded a video shot this morning showing some of the Butterflies feasting on the flowers!

IMG_8032I want to say a special “Thanks and Blessings,” to all of you who sent condolences for Beauty…such kindness and compassion, Bless you XXX

IMG_8042IMG_8041IMG_8034IMG_8031There is the beautiful month of Lughnasadh to enjoy and appreciate the changes as summer merges into Autumn.

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  1. Your place is looking so very much a woodland. Jack is in his element it seems too. Keep up the fabulous work.

  2. Oh my🙀, so sad to hear about Besuty😪.
    May her little soul rest in beauty and Peace in that magical heaven you have created. Little paw prints left on your heart forever.
    I pray she can help my lost one Arthur, come home to us safely from wherever he has wandered😞.

  3. I must be coming up on a year now since I first saw your video, ‘This is What 13 Years of Permaculture in Ireland Looks Like!’ and was swept away by the magic you and Herself had wrought.

    It’s been a real treat to have you and Jack and Beauty and SammyBear in my life via the wonders of the digital age. 🙂 … may it continue for many years to come. 😀

  4. Oh no. I didn’t know Beauty passed. My condolences to you Colette. I heard yesterday about another cat passing, it was a stray cat who came to our property and we rescued her and my daughter’s friend adopted her and she wouldn’t leave his side. Every time he sat down she would perch on the back of the sofa and drape her paw over his shoulder as if to keep him there and safe. They are lovely creatures.

    I am loving the picture of your “woodland” cottage. I just renamed a garden that has evolved on my place from a cottage garden to now a woodland garden. Not quite like in Ireland or England, but in the Land of Oz it’s the nearest I can get it.

    Blessings and I hope more rain for your gardens and tanks, and I hope the same for Australia, as our state of NSW which is huge, is now 99% drought affected.

    Loving your photos.

  5. Am so very sorry to hear about Beauty; my heartfelt sympathies at this difficult time. Thank you for sharing Bealtaine Cottage and its woodland – it’s looking lovely and you do look younger! A very special and magical place indeed. X

  6. I shed a tear today for your loss of Beauty. But beauty remains with you and around you and continues to linger in your soul. She has brought much love to Bealtaine Cottage and I imagine that love will abound as she dances with Mother Nature. You are such a lovely soul Collette. She knew you loved her and she loved you much in return.

  7. Oh Colette, I’m so sorry to hear of Beauty’s passing. I have offline for the last few weeks with computer issues. All set with a new laptop now. I am so happy to see your woodland cottage dream is flourishing. My husband and I were just mentioning that the trees along our drive are almost touching and making a tunnel. Our garden is doing wonderful, and we have finally received the much needed rain.

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