The Evolution of Bealtaine Cottage…a Fifteen Year Odyssey

This is year fifteen of the Bealtaine Project…where has the time gone? Much has happened here on the land and in the cottage since May 2004. However, the real change has happened in the outside world, beyond the boundary hedges of Bealtaine Cottage.

I shall begin with Bealtaine Cottage… The plan in the beginning was to create a garden with hundreds of trees interspersed with paths that would become a symbol of regeneration and hope in a landscape that represented one of the poorest and therefore cheapest places to create. North-facing, thin, poor soil- my first book, ‘A Cottage and Three Acres,’ details the story well.

(And, by the way, the tunnel is fifteen years old with the original plastic covering…nothing special, 6mm and middle price range in case you are interested!)

The plan evolved into a full Permaculture design in the first year, with swales and ponds, drainage and raised beds, fruit and vegetable gardens and so on. Then, as the years progressed and trees began to grow, the energy changed. It became evident to me and those who were following my journey, (online since around 2010), that Bealtaine Cottage and the Project was heading in a different direction, fuelled by a potent and powerful energy!

Permaculture alone seemed complete and static as the trees began to develop and dominate the landscape. I had to give in to the force that was awakening in the Earth below my feet and so, Goddess Permaculture was birthed!

I explain this by way of the word, “innovate.” The tremendous force of energy that was growing around me innovated Goddess Permaculture.

Innovate: To give new form of that which exists.

This force of Nature was a Divine Feminine force of such tremendous power, that it was impossible to resist. Those who have visited Bealtaine Cottage will bear witness to this energy!

I felt drawn towards the story of the Goddess and began to explore the relationship my ancestors had with this powerful Creatrix. Academics like Maria Gimbutas, opened doors into the world of the Goddess and slowly, slowly, the dire situation developing in the outside world began to make sense! We had abandoned our relationship with the Great Goddess, Mother Earth, fuelled by a belief system that was inherently patriarchal and dominating of Mother Earth.

We had developed a totally extractive way of living with Earth…out for all we could extract from Her…greed has overwhelmed everything!

The overwhelming sense of loss began to be replaced with a powerful sense of regeneration and re-birth. My second book, “In Search of the Goddess Rising,” heralded the beginning of my understanding of the Great Awakening!

Yesterday I felt compelled to write a note on social media, expressing something of the dilemma many people feel and are unable or even fearful to articulate…

As we enter the #SixthMassExtinction,

remember this…

We sacrificed our divinity to sky gods, religions, a promised afterlife,

ignoring the sacredness of #MotherEarth

the abundance She creates in joy for us all!

We were taught dominion over Her.

We became #abusers

And so it is.

In order to move forward and embrace great change, it is imperative we accept what we have done. We are all included here…

Arrogance, hubris and ego will be our downfall if we fail to make the radical changes needed to live in peace with Mother Earth!

There is so much more to say, but I am both mentally and physically exhausted at present and am embracing a regeneration for my own health, in the form of a Juice Fast for the next few weeks.

Blessings to you all XXX Colette and Jack

PS: I noticed that my address on the website had been changed…and have no idea why or how this happened! The past two weeks have been rather strange in that I have not received any mail, which led me to check the address!…please check the website as I have corrected the address. please understand that I don’t have the time to respond to personal emails or letters, though read all.


  1. Hello Colette! Your photos are so beautiful and I so enjoy your videos as well. May I ask what kind of camera you use? I would love to take photos of the moon but my old camera is unable to do it.

  2. Collette I want to Thank You 🙏 Your Wisdom and Videos are so uplifting and I so enjoy 😊 your blogs .And I Love 💗 The Beautiful Of Ireland 🇮🇪 the Home 🏡 Country Of my Ancestors again Thank You ☺️

    • All of the Earth is the country of our ancestors and we are all one. We awake truly when we see that and cherish the soil and air and water and each other. Namaste Mary for you are part of this home, this spinning blue marble in a swirl of starlight.

  3. Hi Colette, I followed your 100 day juice fast, and learned a lot about you, its good to replenish the body with nutritious juice. I believe it puts you in a refreshed state of mind.
    I loved this post, and it seemed to land in my inbox when I needed it most. Funny how those things happen!
    Be well and hugs to Jack.
    Stacey at #crazycrowfarm

  4. Wonderful truths, we must each of us do what we can to care for our earth, no matter how big or small! Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing your bounty of blessings! Luv to you and Jack !

  5. This post eloquently says what I’ve been feeling. Here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA our usual growth and harvesting times are “off.” A friend and I discussed this just yesterday at our weekly get-together. The sunlight doesn’t feel “right”; it’s as if the colors are in different doses or frequencies. Yes, ,it IS exhausting, and we all need to replenish ourselves however we can.
    Thank you for your wise and powerful words. Your message is spreading.

    • I live a bit north of you in the Lower Mainland of BC, (basically) the PNW in Canada. 😀 ) and feel the same way. This summer is definitely ‘weird’, not complaining though,(not a lot anyway, and where no-one can hear me) it’s better than the last two, that’s for sure 😀

      • Widdershins (lurv the name), glad to know it’s not just me and my friend. But yes, the summer has been cooler and with fewer wildfires. It’s still unsettling.
        BTW, I wander to the north several times a year and enjoy each time meeting Canadians. 🙂

        • I can’t decide if I’m finding it reassuring to know that I’m not alone in feeling that the sun’s energy is different and the seasons are ‘wrong’ – I’ve been like this the last 2-3 years at least. I’m in the south of England.

  6. This resonates so, so greatly with me. We bought one acre of property last year (Canadian prairies) which had been neglected and overgrown to the point that we feel incredibly discouraged. However, our biggest problem lies in the fact that there is poison ivy currently running through all of our property (think stinging nettles but a rash that doesn’t leave you for a good 2-3 weeks and itches beyond comprehension). We are against using any form of chemical. We don’t know what to do – we would love to turn our land into something similar to yours, to honor our Great Mother and leave a lasting legacy. But the poison ivy is the bane of our existence! If anyone has any good suggestions of getting rid of this nasty weed, please – I am open to any and all (just no poisons or chemicals!)

    Blessings to all!

    • Have you thought to get any goats? We live in Northern California and while we have had more, right now we only have two goats and they have eaten every bit of poison oak in the area we fenced off for them. If you invest in a bit of portable electric fencing, you can move it as they eat each area down and then your land can be a bit more manageable, give you a good look at the land like a blank canvas. They willl eat their favorites first, lol, then the rest. In our area, you can even rent goats to eat your brush down!

  7. Lovely post and such strong true powerful words, I embraced Goddess spirituality nearly 20 years ago and when I first found my link to Beltaine Cottage I felt a deeper connection to the Earth. Now a homeowner at 64 I have my own backyard to honor and dedicate to the Goddess, Mother Earth. I have been fortunate in the past to have a little bit of garden space at apartments I have had, and in the last house I rented an entire yard to keep filled with native plants and space for wildlife to visit. While I unpack and settle inside the house I plan the garden spaces checking the local nurseries online for local plants and look longingly at my tin of long saved seeds knowing I have a permanent place to plant them you have been an inspiration over the years, I hope the juice fast brings you the results you need rest well.

  8. I’m understanding more each day. Hope the Juice Fast restores your mental & physical energy levels
    I sent you something small, hopefully to the right address! Blessings. X

  9. Wishing you all the best on your juice fast and in your wise choice to take time to rest and restore your body, spirit and mind.

  10. Wishing you all the best on your juice fast and in your wise choice to take time to rest and restore your body, spirit and mind.

  11. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing what you do and think. I am moving more and more into the directions you talk about!

  12. Beautiful photos Colette , thank you for sharing them . Your words are so true . Have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday . Blessings to you and Jack xxxx

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