The summer is fading into autumn, one can feel it in the air. The full force of Lughnasadh dominates the mornings and evenings, cool and silvery, temperature and light heading the change, now no longer subtle.

Last year…

Cleaning the lower pond on a fine day in early October was, as always, part of preparing for yet another change, that of Lughnasadh into Samhain. Once more, the reflective light of water is welcomed into a darkening environment, as the days contract and clear night skies become as important as daylight, especially when illuminated with a full moon.

Rowan berries on a young tree in the Fairy Wood.

Angelica turns to seed preparing for the next chance to grow and bloom!


The beautiful vase purchased in Rathcormack Market, created from the earth and displaying a wonderful otherworldly kind of beauty. This pottery is called “Raku,” and originates in Japan. The hedgerow bouquet, filled with many magical herbs and flowers, was freely picked as I walked Jack.

Ancient Sites

I have been exploring many ancient sites in North West Ireland, taking photographs for my upcoming book. Many are to be found near old monastic sites, confirming what I always thought was the specific energy found in these locations and therefore appealing to the more contemporary religion.

Magical Stones

The stones hold the energy in many of these sites and can relay the stories if one is prepared to listen…

Rowan Tree in the Fairy Wood

It’s not just the stones that hold onto the stories and act as connections to the Otherworld, trees resonate with Earth magic too and can take the pulse of the land. One learns to read these and tune into what lies beneath and around!

Fennel adds scent, shape and colour to the sitting room. I have brought the old coffee table in from the lodge veranda for a cosier nest for the months ahead.

A typical meal of mixed, seasonal vegetables, cooked with spices and added seeds/nuts, topped with yeast flakes. I love these mixed bowl type meals as cooking this way allows me to use what I have in the fridge and pantry rather than endlessly shopping and following recipes!


  1. So good to hear from you, hope you enjoy your summer.  We here in Barbados are preparing for the Tropical Storm Dorian you can rememberus in your prayers.  Hope to see Ireland some day before this life is over. Take care.


  2. Good morning to you, Jack, and Sammy!,, I was reading blog, it so beautiful there where you live. And you can always make your stories so interesting. Thank you for keeping all of us informed about plants and trees , etc. You have a very good heart, Collette.

  3. Good morning to you, Jack, and Sammy!,, I was reading blog, it so beautiful there where you live. And you can always make your stories so interesting. Thank you for keeping all of us informed.

  4. Hi Colette, what a wonderful chatty, honest, emotional heart awakening audio post. I have those moments of awe and wonder- I think it was 6 years ago my sister was visiting – I live in the Jura mountains in France – and we drove over the mountains to Switzerland and Mont Blanc was there- so clear she felt touchable – and mother earth reached through and I cried- not tears of sadness or joy just that outpouring of awesomeness.
    I agree with your thoughts re mother earth and know she will continue in her glory with or without us. I hope with, I hope this wave of awareness grows and washes away human greed.
    Thank you, one day I hope to cycle past your piece of the world and see it for real.

  5. You gotta read this lady when you have a minute, she is amazing, been following her for years, you remind me a bit of her! Colette from Ireland! Such a unique woman with so many insights and what a beautiful life…


  6. Even though it is in the mid nineties this week, the light has changed, and leaves are dropping from the walnut tree. Thank you for a lovely message.

  7. I always enjoy your photos and commentary. Soothing and perceptive. The one bowl meal looks tempting. Is that sweet potatoe, spinach and ? rice? Many thanks!

  8. lovely blog today! “Beautiful vase created from the earth” has totally changed my perception of the pottery that I have in the house! My tea mugs have taken on a persona. Thank you!

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