A Home for the Jackdaws

The Jackdaws have up residence in the unused chimney.

A beautiful pair of Jackdaws…here is the male keeping watch, waiting for the female to put the twig, carefully carried to the cave, into place in the nest. He will alert her to my presence!

He’s just spotted me! Now there followed a flapping of wings as both took off together into the cold, clear morning sky. I don’t object to their presence…let all life find sanctuary here at Bealtaine Cottage.
Yes indeed, it is very cold, with a deep cap of snow on Slieve Anierin to prove it.

Blossom on the Blackthorn is abundant this year…the Wild Bees are in their nectar Heaven, with a promise of Sloes to follow in Autumn.
The tunnel is evolving as my own sanctuary, where I can sit and observe the burgeoning life all around me. A place of silent retreat and mindfulness.
The days of clearing up the compost and pots area are almost at an end. The new compost area is now where the hundreds of pots used to be. The compost to the left will be distributed around the gardens where it is needed.
I intend planting out the old compost area with shrubs, to provide both protection from the east winds and colour to lighten the heart!

There remains much work to be done here in the gardens over the coming days and weeks. It is essential I get on with it! I shall leave you with the rest of the photographs I took this morning as I walked around the gardens.

Apple blossom ready to break out.
Blackcurrant blossom near to opening.


  1. Hi Colette,
    I just have to say since finding your channel and website, I now have a new song in my heart to plant. I’ve loved flower garden for years but after the loss of several beloved family members, I lost interest in everything. Thanks to you I have renewal of hope as you are proving that it is joyful to be alone. In your thoughts, memories and with the land we live on. I can listen to you for hours your voice soothes me. I’m looking forward to the arrival of “A house & 3 acres”. Blessings!🍀

  2. Wonderful pictures of Mother Nature bursting forth for another season of growth and the seasonal early April weather

  3. Bealtaine is looking as beautiful as ever, spring really is such a magical time. If these photos were taken on your new camera, they are just as lovely as you always share, if not more so. Kindest regards from a snowy southern Scotland x

  4. Well done with the compost area Colette – always so satisfying to get a big task finished! Your garden photos are beautiful, inspiring, brimming with life. Always such a pleasure visiting you, Jack and your magical gardens/woodlands. Thank you for all you do 😘

  5. Lovely as always.

    Although I don’t have the luxury of living in the country, I have continued to naturalize my tiny city lot. Over 300 daffodils now under the old maple. Love the feel of woods in my urban life.


  6. Everything is looking so beautiful Colette . I have a lovely pretty sanctuary in my old summerhouse at the bottom of my garden . I have a little wood burner in there and lots of candles burning , many an evening is spent reading in there and listening to music . Blessings to you and Jack xxxx

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