dsc03935This portal to the Otherworld: a place of being for the Celts, where life existed, but not as we know it!

dsc03936The portal is the Old Fairy House, which was once the gateway to Kilronan castle.  

dsc03937This ethereal looking gatehouse was created many years ago, when only horses and carriages travelled the roads of the west of Ireland.

dsc03938It was built in the vernacular tradition, using water worn limestone hewn from the surrounding earth.

dsc03939Many years have passed since a horse or carriage passed by…

dsc03940The entrance is no longer a part of the old estate.

dsc03944Here it stands, watching the centuries pass by, unimpressed by progress…and perhaps, if stones could talk…

dsc03933I have a notion to bring my video camera with me next time…would you like a video of this enchanting place?

Below is a beautiful video with music…Fairy Reel…enjoy!


  1. Oh wow! And so beautiful with you and Jack at the Portal. There must be an otherworldly feeling of wisdom and connection to these ancient structures and the spirits that remain as guardians. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us all!

  2. Wonderful. That place aroused my curiosity years ago and always wondered what it’s nature and purpose was, so thank you for sharing information about it. You might enjoy a video (just a slide actually, maybe my first attempt in video making) much,much,much inspired by and connected to that place, Lough Meelagh and the Fairy World. The video is called Celtic Legends – The Little Cascade, and you can find it on youtube. I am trying to find a way to have the ad removed, but maybe that’s not possible. The images were taken in Perthshire-Scotland; Leitrim and Roscommon-Ireland and Region Liguria in Italy, and the music is an original arrangement to a tune composed by a Scottish musician (maybe two). Someday I will remake the video, but I think that the Fairy lovers (and Fairy hunters perhaps?) can find something interesting to it, even if the “quality” is not excellent.
    Thank you always. Kitia

  3. Hi Collette
    A video would be lovely, it looks a really enchanting place. I love castles and ruins, they allow your imagination to run wild! Denise

  4. Loved this, especially the way the structure seems to incorporate and highlight a tall fairy boulder full of tiny caves and declivities that could well house fairies in a different dimension. Enchanting. A Cathair Aine?

  5. I’ve been transported to the glorious green of Ireland and have danced with the Fairies…. It was like a calling home <3 blessed be

  6. Hi, Thank you so much for this post. Portals are such mysterious places. They come and go as they please just waiting for soft eyes to see them. I have several personal portals in the woods of Mystic, CT where I am able to rest and revive from the stresses of modern life. Peace, blessings and light, sharan

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  7. Also , I too often wonder what stories these old buildings could tell. I have a fascination with castles and find the ruins of such places really interesting. They capture my imagination and I love wondering what they have been witness to over the years! How lovely to have this beautiful place near to your home x

  8. Love these pictures of the fairy house! A video would be great…I will look forward to it!


    • What an absolutely beautiful, atmospheric place. Sends shivers down my spine. Just adored Jack in the last photo laughing. Would love a copy, you should sell them.
      Also the Fairy Reel video was just great. Music and pictures inspire a visit. Bless you Collette, Jack, Samy bear and Bealtaine!❤️

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