Loss of Soul


We live in a society and where darkness pervades our souls.

We continually invent ways to avoid and escape the darkness…one of which is endless buying of consumer goods.

Within our society today there is an illness that pervades all classes and levels of wealth, known as “Soul Loss.”

dsc03789It sounds like “Soul Less,” and indeed many people comment on aspects of our society that are indeed soul-less!

dsc03790Television programmes are more and more appealing to a lower denominator within audiences, especially reality shows that can be likened to much of the entertainment provided for the masses, referred to as “the Plebs, (short for Plebians), in Ancient Rome.

dsc03791 Many of these programmes are nothing but a reflection of the very worst in society!

dsc03792Jung described the unhappiness referred to as loss of soul, a concept borrowed from anthropology, referring psychologically to a state of general malaise.

dsc03793Many feel in today’s world that there is something missing from their lives, a sort of glue that holds everything together!

dsc03795Insomnia, depression and escapism through drugs or alcohol are all signs of Soul Loss.

dsc03796One can feel vulnerable, fatigued or simply not worthy!

dsc03797All of us have experienced some of these symptoms at some point in our lives and often refer back to them as low points.

dsc03798And it’s true indeed, for the soul feels as if it is dragged down.

dsc03799Much of commercial society today uses images, music and indeed brain-attack, to subjugate our beings into enslavement to the corporate will.

dsc03800So how do we overcome this dark malaise?

dsc03801 Well, it is often written and spoken about here at Bealtaine Cottage…reconnect with Nature! dsc03802Taking one’s sadness, vulnerability, confusion, low self-esteem into the heart of Nature and communing with Mother Earth in all her wondrous life can be the best medicine…healing gently and cumulatively. 

dsc03807Spend less time being undermined and insulted by media and more time recovering your soul.



  1. Your post sums up how I feel about society, and it can make me feel quite low at times. We are constantly surrounded by the beauty of nature, but how many really take the time to look! Nothing eases my mind quite like taking a long walk in the countryside, where I am fortunate enough to live. Walking in a forest is my absolute number one for making me feel happy.

  2. Thank you again Collette. You always give us so much food for thought and and appreciation for the simple things in life! I always have to go outside and be with nature when I am troubled–I just didn’t know why I did that! Thank you thank you! Blessings for you my friend!

  3. I agree with your sentiments Colette. Modernity can leave one with a sense of hopelessness. I sometimes feel as I live in a parallel universe to the so called masses.

  4. I agree with your sentiments,Colette. Modernity can certainly leave one with a sense of hopelessness. I sometimes feel as though I live in a parallel universe to the masses.

  5. Beautiful. Blessings to you. Thank you for sharing and carrying the message that there is another way.

  6. Your sentiments are so very true, Colette. Modernity certainly leaves a sense of hopelessness…..

  7. Yes! I feel this on so many levels and agree wholeheartedly: reconnecting with mother earth and her awesome nature…finding beauty within and choosing to find like-minded souls! alas, it is a challenge as so many have succumbed to the corporate giants/mass media and just blindly follow the crowd, so sad! feels like the mass just cares about fitting in, more materialism, blah, blah, blah….it has to shift and that can only be a heartfelt decision each one of us makes…blessed be, we can!

  8. I get my therapy from tending to my gardens and I must say that your new gravel flower beds in the front of the cottage have just overflowed with beauty and abundance…..is that Hyssop and a sage in the first few pictures?…. <3

  9. Working in my garden daily is such therapy for me. It lifts my spirits. My Dad had us as children to work in his garden. We also worked with our elderly great aunt of keep her garden tidy. As I work my plot now, my mind constantly returns to life as a child. It was such a happy life for me.

  10. Yes! And for me: I’ve closed both my Facebook account and Instagram- walking away from both, they drain my soul. Two weeks so far and already I feel much lighter. And for me, I’ve gone back to church. It’s not for everyone but I need it. And I have been sitting in nature and meditating. All of these feed my soul.
    Great post!

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