Evening in an Irish Cottage



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  1. How absolutely beautiful! I feel so warm and cuddly all over… which reminds me of sleepovers with my childhood girlfriends and everything was so warm, cuddly, fun, joyful, friendly, precious, immemorial, filled with childhood innocence… when the world seemed so safe, gentle, lovely. Your pictures touch the same chord with me. Thank you! <3 🙂

      • Ah yes… indeed. She is the very same as when I truly heard her first birdsong one early, early, dewy, misty morning when I was but a mere fleck, a whisper of a child. And every early, dewy morning since, there is the chance to see and hear her unchanged, in all her morning duskiness. Tonight before bed, I shall go outside and look up into the heavens. The stars will lay above their heavenly carpet for me, and perhaps I may here the rustle and soft tweet of a lovelorn bird and the scuttle of my dearly cherished possum visitor. The crickets will sing their chirrup… symphonic. Beautiful, beautiful natural world… how beloved. Good night, Colette, thank you for sharing your heavenly little abode and cheering a young neighbour’s heart, only a mere 8,000 km away. 🙂

      • Haha, just went outside. Oddly tonight, the sky was overcast, the air filled with the scent of petrol, not a bird chirp nor cricket chirrup to be heard. It only reminds me of how special, and so much closer to Nature, the countryside can be. <3 🙂

  2. Hi Colette, I have just subscribed with a donation but don’t seem to be able to access the members site? Just checking with you that it has ‘worked’ OK! I am not very adept at technological things. Kind Regards, Bonnie

    • Thanks indeed Bonnie. I have just returned home and opened my emails (no smart phone!) and have sent you an invitation. I see you have requested access already so will allow that…you should be able to go straight through now. Blessings x Colette

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