Save Our Planet Awards

I am delighted to report that I’ve been nominated for the SAVE OUR PLANET AWARDS 2013!

This is organized within the North West of Ireland.

Bealtaine Cottage has been nominated in the Organic Agriculture section, which is now open for voting…perhaps you would like to vote for me…that would be great!

 Here’s the link…

An Awards Event to Recognise and Acknowledge the Extraordinary


  1. eremophila

    Reblogged this on Eremophila's Musings and commented:
    Let’s support Colette in her fantastic work in showing how to live gently and sustainably on Mother Earth.


  2. eremophila

    Bonza! I’ve voted Colette because you truly are extra-ordinary!


  3. equayona

    Congratulations on the nomination. I was happy to vote for you.


  4. Just voted for you. Good luck, =)


  5. cequin

    And Mine! Well done and good luck!


  6. You’ve got my vote!


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