Thank You, Monsanto!

Evening at BealtaineSo much for panicking…my computer is fixed!

I was really in a tiz thinking that I was going to be without the means of spreading the energy from Bealtaine Cottage and I’m glad about that, because as the evening progressed and my computer was being fixed, I had time to think about all the people I have met through this blog…and what we all have in common…Passion!

growing seeds at BealtaineGrowing life from seed and sharing the abundance of the ensuing seed and all because of Monsanto!

Elena's Rocket at BealtaineIf Monsanto had not attempted to own and monopolize  our seed, I would never have met Elena from Greece, who posted me this Rocket seed…now in the process of making more seed!

Oak seedlings growing at BealtaineOr David from the U.S. who sent me these Oak seeds, now growing in pots in the shelter of one of the sheds.

Sycamore and Fern at Bealtaine CottageAnd Eric who posted me a selection of tree seeds, all scattered in the gardens, for me to find in the autumn, as flowers and fruit and vegetables die back.

For then I will carefully lift and pot them on.

Fruit trees and berry bushes in the permaculture gardens of bealtaine CottageAnd the package I recently received from Switzerland, filled with Ginkgo seeds,  a unique species of tree with no close living relatives.

A tree that tolerates pollution and indeed even survived the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima!

Tunnel at Bealtaine this eveningOr the Black Tomato seeds from Tara in New York!

redcurrants ripening at Bealtaine CottageThe wickedness perpetrated by Monsanto, in trying to arrest, control and kill off the great biodiversity of life, has awakened so many to the very essence of life itself…seed!

Another Rose arch at bealtaine CottageWe are now aware and able to articulate what it is that makes life so fantastic…and it all stems from seed.

Apples growing in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageNine years ago, my main interest in seed was far from protecting it, but simply in growing.

Thanks to Monsanto, I got to know great people like Dr Vandana Shiva, who  opened the door into a wonderful world of possibilities and challenges, to save and nurture seed.

Feverfew at BealtaineNine years ago I was growing food and flowers…today I am growing an Ark for Mother Nature, one that is more than the sum total of everything I have ever done before!

Feverfew at Bealtaine CottageMonsanto has aroused passions in people that few were ever aware of…certainly I never felt this passionate about Mother Earth!

Poppies growing up through the Nectarine tree at Bealtaine CottageAnd that is the difference between Monsanto executives and Seed savers and nurturers…passion.

bealtaine Cottage this eveningThey just don’t have it!

Eat your heart out, Monsanto!


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  1. So glad you are enjoying the seeds I sent over. I wonder what your thoughts are on the pod radish? They can be an acquired taste but I like to snack on them as I am working in the garden. The bees love them.


    • The radish is now seeding and yes, the bees seemed to love it…all the plants are now subsumed within the density of abundant growth and I shall look forward to uncovering seeds as I clear and harvest. I planted them all over the gardens after growing them in the tunnel. I like to graze whilst working and I found the taste akin to Sorrel slightly!

  2. Hello from Austrslua. Reading this blog reminds me of a favourite book – The 3000 mile garden – letters between two keen gardeners; one in USA and one in London. Writings record exchange of seeds and plants and happenings in their reflective gardens. Both food writers. If you’re not familiar with the book it’s worth discovering.

    Happy gardening, Colleen

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  3. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    I love this post from Colette! I feel the same way. If I hadn’t gotten so concerned about the availability of real, organic food, I may never have started gardening or learning about permaculture. I’ve met so many amazing people (and faeries!) through the process of learning and working with the land. Sometimes Life gives us a strong pinch to remind us what’s important.

  4. A few months ago, my garden was barren and brown, due to the fact that I had let the chickens ravage it. I thought it would never be green again, well not this year anyway. Today, I was quite daunted by it’s metamorphosis into an overgrown jungle, I almost needed a machete to make my way through. Isn’t nature wonderful!

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