Monsanto Protected…What About the People?

window at bealtaine cottagePeople and planet before profit.

bealtaine cottage windowA simple enough statement.

window at bealtaine cottageThe issue of sovereignty is the crucial issue we face today.

Missy on the back of the sofaWe stand at a dangerous junction in the history of the world today.

Roses on veranda at bealtaine cottage todayOur governments are openly colluding with corporations.

kitchen at bealtaine cottageOur governments are colluding with the biggest and most powerful of these corporations.

We all need to Wake Up!

wild honeysuckle on the table at bealtaine cottageThere are two reasons why corporations like Monsanto are supported by governments.



Take five minutes to power up with a little bit of knowledge on this.

Look up “Order 81, Iraq” 

kitchen window sill at bealtaine cottageOur governments are failing in their statutory duty to protect us, we, the people.

porch at bealtaine cottageThe American nephew of Sigmund Freud,  Bernays warned that an enduring threat to government was the truth-teller and an enlightened public!

The Frankenfood Conspiracy:

Secret summit where slick lobbyists for bio-tech giants seduced Tory Ministers into changing their tune on GM food

porch at bealtaine cottage“What is dying is a world too bent by false values and too de-humanized to care about what happens to its own children.” ~ Terence McKenna

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  1. Perhaps the threat to the earth is what will finally unite us all…I have been seeing nothing but clear demonstrations of this everywhere…and especially and most profoundly at
    Bealtaine Cottage, which is a poem and a prayer and a gift to the earth and to all of us.

    • Together we are a force for real change, for this begins in the heart and Mother Earth is reaching out into our very hearts right now. She is the force here at Bealtaine. I try to be the servant.

  2. In Oregon, someone just burned 40 tons of GMO crops.

    There’s a media blackout on this, but it makes sense that we will see more of this if the government refuses to listen to the overwhelming voice of the people and continues to pander to Monsanto and the transgenic chemical corporations who would patent life and control all food. I do pray we get a massive shift without things needing to turn too much crazier than they already are. In other countries, the government burns the GMO crops. Here, the government protects those crops.

    There’s speculation that farmers and consumers are taking matters into their own hands after the illegal GMO wheat crop found has resulted in a rejection of imported US wheat, causing severe economic damage to Oregon farmers.

    • And the crucial question remains…why would a democratically elected government, protect a multi-billion dollar corporation, against the citizens of its own country?

      • Oh, the US elections haven’t been honest for a very, very long time. Voter fraud is a way of life in the Land of the “Free,” Home of the Duped, and the media makes or breaks who even gets a chance to be considered. Ron Paul would be president today if the Republicans hadn’t pulled all manner of tricks to give the nomination to Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul could have easily beaten BO. The US is in a world of hurt and is causing a world of hurt. It’s going to take steps on all levels, including (perhaps especially) spiritual, in order to get out of this one….

    • Terence McKenna, now deceased, was an amazing philosopher…
      Terence Kemp McKenna was an American psychonaut, lecturer, and writer. He was noted for his knowledge, and the ability to articulate his knowledge, of the use of psychedelics, metaphysics, plant-based … Wikipedia

      • I’m so glad you mentioned Terence McKenna. He was a bastion of free speach and free thought. Though he sadly has passed away it is heartening that more and more of his outstanding talks and interviews have been uploaded online. His friend, the wonderful Rupert Sheldrake, has posted all available “Trialogues” between himself, Mckenna and Mathematician, Ralph Abrahams, on his own website. They are a wonderful rescourse of inspiring flights of intellect and like sitting at the feet of a great master (fun too!) Boy! do we need more thinkers like them… Sovereignty over our own consciousness has already been heavilly curtailed and we need genius Shamanic practitioners such as Mckenna to guide us back to the light of magical possibilities. Nothing is set in stone, paradise is available to us once we peer over the edge of mainstream cultural hypnotism. Collette, you are one of those people helping to guide us out from our sleep and thank you so much for being such an energetic and flourishing “Eco-naut”(!)

        • Yes indeed, Terence was and remains an inspiring beacon of consciousness…helping us all to make that paradigm shift into a better life, a more thoughtful existence, where we interface with Mother Earth.

  3. And now Edward Snowdon, hounded by those in power , for telling the truth. A very brave man, and I hope he finds sanctuary, but his life will never be the same again. The fact that thousands of people are being made to worry about what these greedy, evil politicians and businesses are doing, makes me very angry, just who the hell do they think they are. They have absolutely no right or mandate, they are dictators. These are truly incredible times, but as you say, we can only do our best.

  4. I must have signed 1000 petitions and made every person I know aware (which is merely a handful) about this evil giant ~ the single most evil corporate entity I am aware of ~ Like the comment made by “Pattigall” I thought that Mr Obama would be our first “environmental president ” and especially during this second term when he really has nothing to lose (he cannot hold office again so no concerns about re-election as an excuse to stall or hedge on such issues) I am far beyond disappointed ! I am furious and anxious and can only conclude that people are either motivated strictly by greed and personal gain or simply ignorant and possibly also frightened to speak out. I do still believe that if mainstream media reported and did in depth stories and reports on the facts of GMO ‘s , chemical use (abuse) safety of food sources, what fracking REALLY does and the horrors of pipelines such a Keystone ect (and more) then more people would become involved and at least start asking questions and making demands from our so called ‘leaders’. I have come to loathe the mainstream media as much as the powers that be, equally irresponsible. I read your posts in my email with both joy and hope, but also like you , worry and am extremely frustrated over the way the world seems to consist of a herd of blind sheep going blissfully or without protest to their doom led by a small group of greedy profit driven creeps. when they could by sheer numbers turn the world around. It is so important though. knowing there are like-minded people in the world and living their lives as mindfully and compassionately as possible.(like you) Thank you for all you do and for bringing some light into an often very dark world.

    • We live the best life we can with the maximum integrity, courage, honesty and dignity…and most importantly, fearlessly! Fear is the weapon most powerful…our shield is courage!

  5. It is so discouraging. Wasn’t it just last month that Monsanto announced they were pulling out of Europe? Apparently not. And governments no longer care what the people think or want. We thought Obama was going to offer change and hope…but as soon as he was elected he morphed into Bush. And now Cameron is in their pockets. It goes on and on. But I do think more and more people are becoming aware and horrified by what is going on. Perhaps that will make a difference. Keep up the fight! Patti

    • Many of us continue to lookto America for inspiration and hope…it’s there, as in the UK! I listen to PRN radio from New York and find all of the shows inspiring! Chris Hedges is a great journalist and speaker! We are not alone…

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