Before Goddess Permaculture and the Transformation!

Bealtaine Cottage 1

In the beginning, the cottage as I first saw it, May 2004.

Food at Bealtaine Cottage 050

Autumn 2015…over 1,000 trees and hundreds of shrubs later.


The back of the cottage fences off with barbed wire and ridden with rushes.

organic gardens at 015

Now with a wooden barn attached to the gable wall. 012

From further back, same view 2014.


The other side of the barbed wire, abused land, wet and rushy.

veranda at bealtaine cottage

Looking in the same direction in 2014.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding Day One

The view from the front of the cottage. 031

Same view, Winter 2014.

Woodland at 078

Same view, Autumn 2014.


Looking east to where the orchards and poly-tunnel are now.

Woodland at 005

Same view Autumn 2014.


Cutting back the rushes before planting.

permaculture @ 012

Same view, but a little closer to the cottage.


The front, with the old concrete block porch…too small and very cold!

Garden permaculture at 101

Same view…Wooden porch replaces the concrete one.


Another view of the east garden with an angry-looking cow behind dreadful barbed wire!

midsummer at 087

Hard to believe it’s the same view!


Looking down from the cottage into the gardens.

midsummer at 085

Same view in Summer 2015.

No chemicals used over the 11 years.

No Monsanto or GMOs

No one but myself planting.

Most trees and shrubs grown from seed or cuttings.

From the Bealtaine Cottage channel on Youtube…enjoy!


  1. It would be lovely to see how these points are looking now after a few more years have passed. You did a great job, sometimes we think that a lifetime or more is necessary to enjoy a fully mature garden and it stops us from doing things, but you show that there is plenty of time to enjoy nature!

  2. […] Videos and blog posts span many topics from the history and vision of Bealtaine, to trips to local Irish sites, London visits, charity shop fashion, cottage decorating and a dose of natural crafting and vegan cooking. Using the list of tags on her blog site or the SEARCH box on her website, Facebook, and YouTube page will bring up posts in polytunnel building and maintenance, composting, compost toilets, and water conservation during the yearly Irish droughts. Colette has recently published a new book on the myths and legends of Ireland inspired by the sense of magic on her land in sight of Kilronan Mountain a place filled with legend. Before and after photos. […]

  3. Well, I have only discovered you this week and I am so enjoying your channel and blog. Absolutely inspirational. I am so amazed at the way you have transformed your land. Amazing!

  4. I have been watching your channel for years now, it has been beyond inspiring. I have taken up gardening and living more simply. Although you have shared so much with us on YouTube, to see the side-by-side photos of before and after are jaw dropping. I’m working hard, learning what I can, and someday I hope to do something like this in the midwest of America. All our land is flat and covered in monoculture: GMO corn or soy for livestock. It breaks my heart when I take drives and see miles of flat open land. All I want to do is put sticks in the ground and say a prayer for mighty oaks, strong hazels, fruitful apples, and more to build a beautiful forest like what used to be here before it was used and abused by modern man. Seeing Beataine shows me it is not only possible, but completely NECESSARY for the continuation of our species and all the species of this precious planet. I don’t comment enough on your website, but I just wanted to let you know, thank you so much for all the inspiration. You have been a wonderful teacher to me, especially since my grandmother passed last year. Blessings to you and this essential project you so generously share with this stranger from the U.S.

  5. Oh Colette!Thank you so very much for being a way-shower for me in the New Jersey suburbs. Our land is large and we have giant oaks on our land, which I am loathe to cut down, there are so few trees left where I am. We have tried to bring life back to the soil (hard to do with so much toxicity being sprayed around) We have allowed some parts of our land to be wild, because we want the creatures (fox, deer, rabbits etc) to have safety. So we are trying to plant according to what will work with spots of sun. Thank you for your inspiration! Goddess blessing to you and your dear ones in your lovely home. 🙂

  6. Colette you are an inspiration to me. My name is Rebecca and I’m from Ireland but now living in France. Myself and my partner are going to buy land this year and, inspired from your example, I absolutely want to buy a monoculture space so that we can save it, as you have saved Bealtaine. Some day I hope to write to you and show you what we will have done, as a homage to your showing us the way. Blessings to you Colette, and to Jack xx

  7. Oh dear sweet lady how you inspire me! I have been subscribed to your youtube channel for awhile now. I live on the Central Coast in mostly dry and arid California, although we just recently received many inches of much needed rain a few days ago I am nearly 59 years old and still dream and hope, perhaps more than ever to purchase a fixer upper property and spend the rest of my life cultivating my own garden permaculture paradise just as you have done so diligently and graciously. Though I have a small space to garden and putter about, I rent and so as such, it is only ephemeral and transitional. My dear Companion and I hope to one day build a hobbit hole home our of natural and repurposed materials ans raise a few goats and tend to some beehives. Your lovely videos transport me to another world that is kind and gentle and not a part of this technocratic insanity humans call civilization. Thank you for your caring spirit. Our Dear Mother Earth needs more people to steward and guide others upon the Path of Light and Love. Blessings to you my Irish friend.

  8. You’ve done a lot of work on your acreage through the years! Very beautiful! I enjoy your videos! Love love the nature! Thank you!

      • I just ordered one of your books and I can’t wait to receive it! You live in a magical place that took all of your heart and soul as it’s shows. It’s a place I have dreamt about my whole life. Thank you for the videos and commentary! It is lovely and peaceful 💞.
        Gods blessings to you and Jack☺️

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