The Colours of the Celts

Creativity was associated with orange, as well as sexuality and fertility. Think of the egg yolk…only a deep orange yolk is really healthy and full of goodness. Invoke this colour in areas of your home where you want to express these elements. Green is infused with beauty and fertility, but also prosperity. In Feng Shui, it is advised to paint the front door of one’s home red so as to attract prosperity, but my door is painted green and the real prosperity is quite tangible at Bealtaine Cottage. As for beauty, well, that speaks for itself, for what is not…

Today at Bealtaine Permaculture Smallholding…Start the Week!

Nasturtiums are now in bloom outside, despite the rain. This one is pot planted outside the veranda and is slowly winding its’ way over pieces of driftwood, stone and Herb Robert. Our lives are full of clutter. A garden is a retreat and a permaculture garden is a perfect, food-bearing retreat, created for almost no money investment…just time and an opening of the senses. Plants like London Pride, featured here, are so very easy to transplant from snippets and cuttings. Chives this morning in the vegetable garden, but these have been planted all over the gardens and are great visuals….