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Preparing for the Collapse.

Spinning wheel and craft studio at Bealtaine Cottage Over recent months it has become more and more apparent that there is a massive problem rolling towards us in the financial markets.

Angel and Field Maple at Bealtaine CottageMaking money without production has been the mainstay of the economic markets.

Bealtaine Cottage February 2013The men in suits deal in commodities, pension plans, mortgages and hedge funds.

The standing stone at Bealtaine Cottage February 2013Money that is put into savings and pension plans is being scooped up and processed out of the country, to be invested in other, slave-labour nations of corruption and despotism.

The lower pond in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage in February 2013That money should be invested in our own economies, but, asking for integrity and honesty from the bankers and brokers is a useless and pointless exercise.

The Ash tree walk in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage February 2013So, it behoves us all to think and act in a prompt and practical way to avoid, as best we can, being a hapless victim in all of this.

The woodland that surrounds Bealtaine CottageMy advice is simple and easy to apply.

1.Grow food. Edible gardens, allotments, containers, patios and window ledges…great fun too!

2.Build a pantry and stock it well. This will cut down on multiple visits to the supermarket.

3.Learn as many practical skills and crafts as you can. Knitting, sewing, carpentry…everything is treasured that is hand made.

4.De-clutter your home. Let the energy flow freely around your living space.

5.Teach yourself to cook and bake. This is a real chance to improve your health and become powered up!

6.Collect together a library of knowledge and interest. The internet may never be as reliable as a solid book of information.

7.Invest in the most comfortable bed you can afford. You do, after all, spend one third of your precious life in bed!

8.Make your home cosy and draught-free. Your home is your haven, your sanctuary, your blessed space…be comfortable and warm in it.

9.Bulk-buy local when available. This will enable you to turn food gluts into storable feasts.

10.Invest in a chest freezer and put it in your new pantry…don’t forget, even a spare room will double as a pantry, especially a north facing one.

bealtaine Cottage in February 2013*****************************

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The Only Guaranteed Hedge Fund with 100% Return

Bealtaine Cottage willow hedgeAs the world banks teeter on the brink of disaster and pension funds across the globe are held hostage to fortune, hedge fund managers duck and dive between commodities that promise the best return.

Bealtaine Cottage vegetablesFood is one of the biggest commodities.

Billions of dollars are gambled and hedged from one shipment of food to another.

Bealtaine Cottage home made breadThe media keeps financial reporting at the top of their somewhat twisted agenda and most of the time we, the audience, have not got a clue what they are talking about!

Funny, isn’t it?

Am I the first to openly admit this farcical nonsense?

So, what, exactly is a Hedge Fund?

Blackcurrant and redcurrant hegebealtaine cottage 008A hedge should be a multifunctional windbreak with lots of food varieties growing in it!

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture hedgeA permaculture hedge.

The only real Hedge Fund!

Bealtaine Cottage willow, beech and dogwoodsPermaculture is the reality of maximum biodiversity without the dysfunctional obsession to control…just facilitate.

Bealtaine cottage Permaculture hedgeA permaculture hedge facilitates.

It facilitates the need to slow down the wind and create a barrier.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture hedgesIt facilitates the needs of birds and wildlife in creating shelter, habitat and food.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture garden mar 2011 001A permaculture hedge has as many different plant and tree varieties and species in it as can be supported within that environment.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture ireland march 2011 001This Hedge Fund will provide food in as many varieties as imagination and environment will allow.

Bealtaine Cottage Ballyfermoyle 044The perfect Hedge Fund that keeps on growing and returning 100% every year to you, your family, friends, wildlife, food pantry, spiritual and mental health well-being.

Bealtaine Cottage 11 Dec 10 022To look out on a winter morning and see the colourful stems of Ash, Plum, Apple, Dogwood, Willow, Spiraea, Blackcurrant and more is a midwinter feast for the soul.