Preparing for the Collapse.

Spinning wheel and craft studio at Bealtaine Cottage Over recent months it has become more and more apparent that there is a massive problem rolling towards us in the financial markets.

Angel and Field Maple at Bealtaine CottageMaking money without production has been the mainstay of the economic markets.

Bealtaine Cottage February 2013The men in suits deal in commodities, pension plans, mortgages and hedge funds.

The standing stone at Bealtaine Cottage February 2013Money that is put into savings and pension plans is being scooped up and processed out of the country, to be invested in other, slave-labour nations of corruption and despotism.

The lower pond in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage in February 2013That money should be invested in our own economies, but, asking for integrity and honesty from the bankers and brokers is a useless and pointless exercise.

The Ash tree walk in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage February 2013So, it behoves us all to think and act in a prompt and practical way to avoid, as best we can, being a hapless victim in all of this.

The woodland that surrounds Bealtaine CottageMy advice is simple and easy to apply.

1.Grow food. Edible gardens, allotments, containers, patios and window ledges…great fun too!

2.Build a pantry and stock it well. This will cut down on multiple visits to the supermarket.

3.Learn as many practical skills and crafts as you can. Knitting, sewing, carpentry…everything is treasured that is hand made.

4.De-clutter your home. Let the energy flow freely around your living space.

5.Teach yourself to cook and bake. This is a real chance to improve your health and become powered up!

6.Collect together a library of knowledge and interest. The internet may never be as reliable as a solid book of information.

7.Invest in the most comfortable bed you can afford. You do, after all, spend one third of your precious life in bed!

8.Make your home cosy and draught-free. Your home is your haven, your sanctuary, your blessed space…be comfortable and warm in it.

9.Bulk-buy local when available. This will enable you to turn food gluts into storable feasts.

10.Invest in a chest freezer and put it in your new pantry…don’t forget, even a spare room will double as a pantry, especially a north facing one.

bealtaine Cottage in February 2013*****************************

Bealtaine Cottage is also on YouTube…with over 100 videos about Permaculture, planting, growing and living.

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  1. Thank you once again! And happy Equinox to all. We built a fire and did some drumming out here in the desert where we’ve been blessed with rain and warm temps from a weak El Nino. We reflected upon balance today at 3:45 PDT when the dark & light are equal. The coyotes are howling right now and our walk around the property revealed many native plants and flowers making a come back from so much destruction prior to our arrival. Permaculture is amazing! In the light of things we stay close to nature, continue to plant and carefully design our relationship with her. It helps us stay balanced when taking in the absolute stupidity of what’s going on “outside”; fiat currencies, land grabs, globalization of food production, power struggles, provoked wars (in the name of democracy), unemployment numbers and all the rest. I love your list and take it to heart and we’re working each item on the list every day. Most of all by staying balanced it helps me to remember to respond and not react, stay calm, be content with what we have and find humor in “crashing early to avoid the rush”.
    Take care,

    • It looks like you have sorted out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to living your life…permaculture in the desert is true co-creation with Mother Earth and I salute you!
      Blessings on you and your work XXX

  2. My family lived in an earth friendly way throughout their lives and blessed me with knowledge and sorrow for I am 66 and they are gone under the hill. I am now sharing and living in a household of three individuals that share your goals. I am in charge of the garden, Mildred is the cook and things all wool and Tif is the youth with helpful strength and an questing mind. We are in a city and doing all we can. I will learn to castkaid water barrels this spring. I have failed in not achieving everything I plan and not being a great gardener. I wish is to say, just keep trying, learning is a part of it.
    Never, ever failed, for life is a journey and the scene opens up as you go along.
    It’s great that you are continuing to learn new skills, for that makes life interesting.
    I wish you well and more power to you all!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  3. Hello Colette,
    I am Gabriel from Roumania and I am happy for every post from Bealtaine Cottage.
    I am so interested for to find your story, how you have changed your life. How long time you live here? Please indicate me one post with your story,…or one video ..or link, address… Or 2 sentences about this. Your story can be encouraging for me.
    Thank you and I wish you abundance of joy!
    Good morning Gabriel!
    My story is simple really.
    I left my old life in London 8 years ago and changed all aspects of how I once lived.
    My story unfolds in small segments throughout this blog.
    However, I talk little about myself and more about life as it is.
    There is a little of my story in “About.”
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage.

  4. No doubt sound advice in these times of instability. However whilst acknowledging the apparent rationality of global disaster, as predicted by eminent scientists and highly respected tribal elders in traditional societies – I choose to remain essentially an optimist in the belief that no aspect of the human condition, or the natural world is truly inevitable. Therefore I go to prepare for the ‘Rising’….my lifestyle having already been endorsed in terms of your worthy advice regarding items 4, 6 ,7 and 8! (with 5 to follow at earliest!)
    Optimism and belief in the ultimate goodness in all life is my reason for doing all that I do. These are sound, practical measures for all times and all lifestyles…I’m happy to hear you have endorsed them. Missy remains, as always, the architect behind the plan.
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  5. We agree with you!
    We are into Transition Towns in our suburb of Pearcedale in Victoria, Australia. We have a local market once a month where we help out and present a short workshop on things like making your own pasta, preserving and bottling, bread making, composting, making recycled craft, etc. Its great that Melbourne will be having a Sustainable Festival and a Transition Film festival in the next couple of weeks.
    We will be there learning how to espalier trees, listen to lots of talks etc.
    More power to you.
    We can grow more than food and good living…we can grow community!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage and best wishes for the festival.

  6. It is coming and I pity the people who are not prepared. Its so important to learn all the things on your list, meet or have online friendships with like minded people. Plan, Plan and plan some more.
    Thanks Colette,
    Blessing to you and your family
    The movement of awareness is fast expanding. More people are awakening each day to the reality of the impending financial collapse.
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  7. So true, only we can make the difference we want to see (I know, a very famous quote). We all have to start taking responsibility for the world we want to live in. Just small changes to our ever increasing lifestyles can make huge differences and once a movement begins then maybe we can hope that the Govt’s will then start to look at ‘business’ differently.
    So pertinent to the crisis that is looming…you are spot on, Sophie!
    It is always the ground work that proves to be the most important factor in change.
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

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