Hothouse Flowers in a Permaculture Environment. Evening @ Bealtaine Cottage

Laburnum and Ferns, hastily picked, make a casual, summer bouquet for the sitting room window of the cottage. I never buy flowers and don’t support the polluting, hothouse methods involved in growing shop bought arrangements. The seasonal look is more in keeping with caring for the environment as well as being much more stylish.

The rain has passed over for the day as the evening sweeps in from the East. Hoping for a lot more if the wells are going to resume full flow! I still haven’t moved the logs as the rain has continued unabated for most of the day. Added to this is the task of clearing out the barn in order to stack the logs, which is pending…ahem!

Jack has been having a ripping time, literally…nothing is safe around him! I got him some massive bones from the butcher yesterday and he has been crunching and chewing away to his heart’s content! I can’t quite get over just how intelligent he is! I would advise anyone thinking of getting a pet to visit their local animal sanctuary first…you might be as lucky as myself and come away with a gem like Jack!

Looking out the window onto the veranda is uplifting when the roses are in bloom. I planted a grapevine further along, into a couple of tyres and have big expectations for equally bountiful harvests of grapes!

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  1. Hows the nesting bird?…would wholly recommend a road tested doggie…they are special & love having a ‘second chance’. Butchers pay to have bones taken away, its a good way of ‘recycling’ also.
    Am missing the peace you have surrounding Bealtine…however, I have secured myself an allotment over here near my work & the kids are looking forward to getting stuck in!


    From Colette…Sad to have to report that she abandoned the nest…her mate stopped coming to feed her, I think…it’s difficult keeping an eye on Wrens beacause they are so very small and dart around quite speedily! The nest and 5 tiny eggs remain…sad! However, great news about the allotment! There are some wonderful support groups there and I would absolutely advise a trip to Hugh’s allotment in Muswell Hill, for all the inspiration and advice! I am happy to give any help I can, so don’t hesitate to ask me…!

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