Christmas Hearts and Bird’s Nests…

Here’s the hand made hearts made from scrap material, hanging above the hearth in a festive, jolly way…So easy to make and fun to create!

The last rosehips of the year hang ready for the birds and their midwinter feast.

My friend Thomas has recently made these shelves for me, for the pantry. They are made from 100% recycled wood, all collected and saved over the past year, from skips and builders yards.  The shelves are a great addition to the pantry and enable me to store a wider variety of food.

While cutting back some of the willow recently I came across this bird’s nest…aren’t birds ingenious at finding some great places to nest-build?

The wind turbines on Kilronan Mountain are shining white in the afternoon sun. The light is getting weaker as midwinter approaches but on days like today it’s worth being outdoors!


  1. I love all of the pictures, especially of the pantry! Looks like you’re getting ready for another snowy and cold winter. Sending you warmth from Florida. 🙂

    • Ah, Florida…it sounds warm and gorgeous! However, Christy, there is a sublime beauty in the cold of the deep midwinter, that conjures the words of Christina Rossetti and The Bleak Midwinter poem penned long ago. I love this time of year as much as any other…perhaps a little more, if truth were told!
      The pantry is well stocked and the decorations are emerging from their annual slumber, ready to glisten in candlelight once more.

  2. i enjoyed my visit on your blog today. If it’s okay with you …may I share your ‘nest’ photo on my blog? What a lovely photo? I will be happy to point others to you if that’s okay. 🙂
    have a good day.

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