Sunshine, Oranges and Stormy Weather…Christmas in Ireland!

Wild winds and storms brought rain and as I write this the storm continues to rage.

The sun shines through the storm and illuminates the sittting room on an otherwise grey day…it’s brilliant and uplifting when this happens!

Talking of brilliant and uplifting, I’ve been looking at Judy Collins recently on Youtube and this is a brilliant rendition of “Amazing Grace”

The intricate carvings on this little table top are highlighted in the silvery morning sun of midwinter…

Surely this is a new take on, “the cat sat on the mat,” …in this case it happens to be Missy on the table mat!

She does look rather elegant though, don’t you agree?

Oranges in the cool of the pantry.
When I was a child it was traditional to have oranges at Christmas, because that was when the orange harvest happened in Spain.

It behoves us all to return to a time of seasonal food as a way of eating more healthily and, ultimately, sustainably!


  1. Oh your Missy, looks so like my Charlie – but my Charlie is not feeling well
    these past few weeks. I think he will soon be leaving me – and it is breaking my heart.
    Seeing your Missy – just reminds me of the happiness they bring to our lives.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie…there are also so many unloved and unwanted…perhaps it’s hard to hear now, but always leave the door to your heart open. Missy is one in a long line of wonderful cats and dogs whose love has lightened my journey and brought much laughter…

  2. Beautiful table top, made with great craftsmanship.
    Love Missy, she reminds me of departed Anna. Yes, high maintenance indeed, life is never dull with creatures of their personality around! Does she like to sit on your keyboard also, and your letter writing paper – whilst you’re writing? 🙂
    As for seasonal food, completely agree. It will be forced upon us soon anyway.

    • Missy is all those things and more…and yes, continually interfering with the writing process, lol!
      I think that the return to seasonal food will allow many to re-tune to the seasons and this can only be a good thing, for we have been disconnected for a very long time and that disconnect was a fundamental part of turning us all into mindless consumers.

    • It is evening now and the storm continues to rage…I suppose it is lovely weather and is certainly dramatic in that way! Missy is high maintenance, but loved for it!

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