As Snow Falls on the Mountain…

Friday morning.

The sun is shining, as snow falls on the mountain and tries to gain ground here in the valley.

Even as the snow falls on Kilronan Mountain, the midwinter sun shines weakly onto the back of the cottage.
The Geraniums continue to bloom…

This is the view of the mountain opposite Bealtaine Cottage this morning.
Snow dustd the top of Kilronan, making it look like a huge Christmas cake!

Rosehips from the Rosa Canina shelter in the lee of one of the pine trees.

Trees of all-sorts and all-colours…the birds approve of all and the landscape is better for the diversity…monoculture is not an option.

The beautiful energy that is Ireland’s greatest hope…it’s young people…

Mike Scott from “The Waterboys,” sings live to a school in Connemara, west of Ireland…feel the energy, wow!

2 thoughts on “As Snow Falls on the Mountain…

  1. You live in a beautiful area, but one certainly that has been touched by human tragedy. Here is a photo of the famine grave on Kilronan Mountain:

    Famine Grave - Kilronan Mountain, Ballyfarnon

    Thank you for reminding us of the depth of spirit in your cottage.


    • That’s a lovely photograph, especially taken from that angle with the trees falling forwards…
      I visit this spot every Christmas day and take visitors there too…to remind us all that despite hardship and recession, we live in a land of plenty.


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