Looking Back at March 2012 in the Photo Album of Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

Bealtaine Cottage march 2012 008The gardens came back to life with new leaves on the Photinia

Bealtaine Permaculture March  2012Blossom opened on the Nectarine tree in the polytunnel.

Sunday morning Permaculture garden mar 2012Rhubarb seemed to grow in spurts overnight!

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture March 2012Home made Blackcurrant wine was started as I began to empty the freezer.

Bealtaine Cottage March 2012Lichens opened up in the warmth of the Spring days.

Bealtaine Cottage March 2012Beautiful, delicate colours of Spring.

Bealtaine Cottage March 2012The warming sun began to work it’s magic on the north facing gardens of Bealtaine Cottage.

Bealtaine Permaculture March 2012Garden benches dried out and warmed up enough to beckon the visitor to stop awhile!

Bealtaine CottageSun, glorious sun…this old piece of driftwood stood up to it’s eighth winter of storms and winds.

Bealtain Cottage Permaculture 004As always, there was an early crop of herbs and greens from the tunnel.

Bealtaine Cottage March 2012 Donegal Bay

Late March was so warm, we headed off to the beach for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean here in Donegal Bay.

You can see the Hills of Donegal in the background!


  1. Looks like you had a very busy year. Great photos. Here’s to 2013, with a little more settled weather (well, I suppose we can hope!).
    I’ll drink to that! Am so looking forward to the Spring.
    Happy New year, Sophie

  2. Ah spring! We just got another 6″ of snow and it is windy and cold. Your pictures of spring are a very welcome sight! Though the snow is pretty to look at. Patti

  3. And still the tiny ‘snowflakes’ fall – adding a lovely, slightly surreal touch to the pictures!
    ‘All is calm, all is bright’….. all is seasonal at Bealtaine.
    Very best wishes for the New Year, Colette.
    Just back from a 2 hour walk with Jack around the woods by Lough Meelaugh.
    Bealtaine Blessings to you

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