The Nature of the Beast

roses at Bealtaine CottageThe patenting of seeds is a violation against Nature.

Bealtaine Cottage June 2013The patenting of genes is also a violation against Nature.

poppies at bealtaine CottageNature cannot be owned by any corporation or government, for it is for us all to share.

Lunaria at Bealtaine CottageThe privatisation of the planet is under way, supported by the very governments who are under trust to protect us all and represent our best interests in state.

Buttercups and Driftwood at Bealtaine CottageGreed is rewarded with patents in the US courts, as the very essence of life itself is being pimped as a product of the corporation…seed.

May blossom at Bealtaine CottageQuite simply…Nature is being subjected to Corporate Cannibalism, as corporations like Monsanto feast upon small seed companies, the last hope of a planet in crisis!

poppies at Bealtaine Cottage The Earth offers her bounty…the Divine harvest of love and promise, first in food and then in seed, a gift for all to share!

Poppies in the sun at Bealtaine CottageHowever, the nature of the beast that eyes the feast is greed…eye-popping, drooling, slathering greed!

Veranda at Bealtaine CottageThere will never be enough profit for the beast.

Nature must be protected.

Bench in the garden at Bealtaine CottageMy message to those who wish to dominate, control and own Mother Nature?

This law is wrong.

Patenting the seeds of Nature is wrong!

My conscience says “No!”

Permaculture gardens at Bealtaine CottageThe patenting of seeds leads to monoculture and loss of diversity.

At a time when the planet is in such crisis, with loss of eco-systems and bio-diversity, governments need to be actively encouraging people to protect, nurture and save seed…not allowing chemical companies to enslave humanity to a corporate controlled seed bank!

The nature of the beast is greed.

That greed will destroy what remains of a planet and its’ people in crisis. 

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  1. Came across PAN pesticide Action Network (don’t know much about them) but the rabbit hole led me to the cosponsor list for
    Monsanto’s bill
    H.R. 1599 and the actual Bill itself in its totality
    H.R. 1599
    Strange days these are when grown men act like young boys; filled with lust for power & profit in order to spread “their seeds”. Can’t help but notice the pattern.
    Maybe the mature and accountable amongst us will lead by example in honoring our mother.
    Demand destruction and climate change may have a word in the end.

    • I agree with you Sheila and many thanks for sharing those links with us all! As Vandana Shiva says…” We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.”
      Blessings X

  2. I agree with you 100%, while people worry about their bank accounts they should be worried about what is in their gardens, or really what isn’t in their gardens. Every year the bees disappear and they continue to spray with roundup. I’ve spent weeks now raising monarch caterpillars so they can survive, because they consider milkweed a WEED and mow it down. We should look to ourselves not the corporations. Our best interest is not their concern, their bottom line is the most important to them. We’ve been sold a bill of goods, chemicals are better, they’ll make our lives easier. Now we’ve poisoned the earth and ourselves. It’s a shame.

    • Fortunately for us all, as proved here at Bealtaine Cottage, She can make a 100% recovery but needs OUR help…it’s all hands to the wheel! Mother Nature never did betray the heart that loved Her! 🙂

  3. I wish I could tell you not to worry, it’ll all turn out ok. However, at the moment, I’m not at all sure it will 🙁 For some reason I keep thinking of Easter Island and what happened there – perhaps a good example of what could happen if this road of greed and grasping for power continues to be travelled?

  4. I couldn’t agree more. It’s worrying the number of US politicians in the employ of Monsanto. All the more to answer to the final arbiter, us. I am fond of the old adage: give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. It’s up to us, grass root growers and consumers, to be the hangman.

    • Corruption is endemic in many political circles. Corporations should be banned from any form of lobbying, donating, or funding of government. Strong supervisory mechanisms should be put in place!

  5. I don’t have a big garden, but have left it as wild as possible. There is a side piece surrounded by a tall hedge which I have made into a mini orchard. It was strange really, as I read that five fruit trees to include a plum would constitute an orchard. I have a John Downie crab apple, a quince which hangs on but I didn’t realise they need a very damp location, a Laxtons Fortune, absolutely delicious, a Cox’s Orange Pippin, an apple we were all brought up on, a wild plum which I grew from a stone. It has never produced anything but due to not having been grafted, is romping away to the heavens, and a greengage. I leave the grasses and wild flowers to grow as they will. I live on an estate of houses and am surrounded by mown grass gardens. My neighbour zaps any poor little flower that dares to raise it’s head. All the local cats make their way to my little orchard where they feel hidden in the long grass. When I look at it all, I think that even one of the little flowers or grasses is worth more than all the politicians and Monsanto and their ilk put together.

  6. Thank you so much for the article which contains the list of non-Monsanto seeds companies. Will keep and use these seed vendors for my fall order. I had the pleasure of attending a seminar where the key speaker was John Jeavons, author of many biointensive garden books a few years ago at Rutgers University (NJ). I started ordering seeds from his company, Bountiful Gardens and have been very pleased with the results. Now I see his company on the non-Monsanto list and am doubly pleased! I believe consumers are a powerful group with the ability to make positive change!

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