The Magical Garden

Bealtaine Cottage roses

The morning is hot and sultry.

The sky is clear blue.

Ireland basks in heat.

Roses on the verandaRoses on the veranda are making a spectacular show and the delicate scent fills the morning air

Columbine at Bealtaine CottageAs we ascend towards Midsummer plants have suddenly taken off and appear to have grown overnight.

Poppies self seed everywherePoppies have opened all over the gardens, even in the tunnel.

These self seed and come up more intensely year on year.

Herb bed in permaculture garden at Bealtaine CottageHerbs are filling the beds as bees buzz busily overhead.

Stone Circle at Bealtaine CottageThe grass within and around the stone circle has turned to meadow.

Cow Parsley and Ferns by the Stone CircleCow Parsley vies with Ferns for space around the Stone Circle.

Bluebells at Bealtaine CottageBluebells are just visible in the lushness of a June morning in the west of Ireland.

magical stone circle at Bealtaine CottageThere’s a sense of magic in the air around the ancient stones!


  1. overwhere

    Hi Colette

    So I’ve been speaking to an Irish friend who’s very keen to come to your course on the 20th. Have you any spaces left?

    Warm wishes


    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Nick,
      Yes, that should be fine.
      Post me the name and I’ll include for the day!


  2. Everything is looking so lush and beautiful! I especially love the self seeded poppies.


  3. firstherbs

    Rain has fallen for three days now, an iris that had not bloomed in three years is full of large yellow flower and dips her head to the ground with the heavyness. Beauty is so up lifting.


  4. dappled days

    Absolutely magical!!! The pink blooms are gorgeous!! Your garden really is special.

    After being very dissapointed at being unable to garden this year I have recieved some lovely pots filled with beautiful courgette and tomato plants and am told I will be getting some herbs and strawberries (also in pots) tomorrow 🙂 I was also given a half-size watering can by my kind son. This has made me very happy 🙂


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