Imbolc is Near

It has passed, the midwinter is now behind us in Ireland as we rise towards the light.

Imbolc is near, less than four weeks away.

The four great Celtic festivals that mark out the year, embodied in four faces that in turn are faced into the light, catch the future, as the past is shadowed. Look forwards…

The birds are calling to one another as the mornings lighten and the dusk is stretched out in lengthening days.

The great birthing is underway as we wait in eager anticipation of all that is promised. New life awaits planting, for Mother Earth loathes scarcity…a human imposition!

The light grows.

Imbolc is known as “in the belly” for that promise of rebirth, life and light.

I wish to thank all of you who sent me gifts during the dark midwinter, brightening my days and reminding me that even though I live a solitary life, I am not alone… and the many who sent donations, I have thanked you via email, thank you XXX Colette


  1. Hello from Long Island… seventeen frigid degrees here today, and while the light is returning, am definitely longing for the heat to return as well! Blessings!

  2. Thanks for these moving photos – as daylight increases, with it’s promise of new life and green vistas, it is wonderful to spend the time with you. Blessings & Love to all.

  3. Hi Colette…I love this time of year, the days here on the shore in Maryland are noticeable longer already. I look forward to seeing the rebirth of your beautiful property, it’s always just lovely.!!

  4. Good evening Collette, so lovely to receive your message, I wish you well and look forward to your next video, I noticed that you mentioned you would be busy for a while, hope all goes well with your writing etc ., would love to see maybe another doggy in your life. Happy New Year. Stay Happy and Safe. Xxx

  5. Thank you Collette for sharing your life. I to live a solitary life in New Zealand so we are right in the light. I have alot of irish ancestry and have a strong pull to irish and Ireland so learning traditions of Ireland and all your philosophies make me feel happy . Thank you and blessings to you

  6. Blessings for the return of the light. I always shed a tear at the passing of winter and the water that the goddess gives us in the rains. But spring will bring new greenery and it will still be a few months before the sun scorches us once again, and we struggle through till the next blessed winter.

  7. Looking to the light and patient with the turning of the seasons~now reading,writing and learning from people like you! Thank you Colette!💚~from Michigan USA

  8. Said so beautifully as always Colette . Thank you for all you do and being such an inspiration. Xxx

  9. Thank you, Colette, for the uplifting reminder that the light is increasing each and everyday! I love getting your emails! Wishing you the best in the year to come 💫✨🌻🔆

  10. Seems strange,well for us in the northern hemisphere,but it’s winter yet yesterday, the 4th, Earth was at perihelion the closest to the Sun it’s orbit being a tad elliptical but nothing like Mars’s…. Venus and Mercury are almost perfect circles.Shows it’s not distance that matters but angle.

  11. Hi,Colette
    You never be Alone,although 1000 km between us but in the Hearts WE are together and fighting For Mother Earth….. Blessings and greetings from Daggy Kiel Germany

  12. Good morning to you Colette ,thank you for your lovely words relating to Imbolc.I am looking to the ligh, as it brightens each morning gives hope to all. Lovely captures through the lens. Hugs and blessings….🌹💚

  13. Lovely to see your pre-Imbolc land and home. We are just moving into much colder temperatures and snow here in Michigan, USA. Sending you cozy blessings as the light returns.

  14. sending love & best wishes from Australia…we have passed our longest day an the light will start moving away …the circle of life continues ..❤️

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