Full Moon Equinox

A beautiful and sacred light shone over Bealtaine on the occasion of the Spring Equinox this year.

As the moon rose behind the old Ash trees near the Rebirthed Rowan above the Spring Well, it became clear to me that the power of this celestial event brought not just the promise of the rising toward Summer and all that is Bealtaine, but heralded a change in our perception of time and the reality we perceive.

Many will not notice, in fact, most will not be in any way aware of the deep changes happening all around us, for the smokescreens are in full deployment.

This time of suspended reality is simply a normal state for inhabitants of the western world.

The Great Awakening, I have so often written and spoken about, is not just symbolised in this near conjunction of the full moon and Equinox, but is more palpable than ever in the extraordinary Imbolc Spring being experienced here at Bealtaine Sacred Woodland.

The light is powerful!

It is time to rise above the chaos that has consumed us over these last years!

It is time to transcend the man made paradigm of fear and loathing…for fear has controlled the masses and, as a consequence, many have veered off onto a path of self-loathing, being consumed with hatred of our own species.

We are living through tumultuous times.


  1. Hello Collette , I have not seen Jack in a while , is he ok i could see he was aging like us all , there is no food bowl in your porch , Love to watch you wash how sad is that. Been watching your videos for 6 month thats when i found you or you found me , keep well keep safe Grace

  2. Thanks… The 20th of march is my birthday and my sister-in-law give me your book with your sign. I live in Italy and she live in Ireland (i miss Ireland so much). So thanks thanks thanks from my heart for your work that is an inspiration for mine!

  3. Hi Colette I was just wondering if you had received the gifts I had sent you I was a bit worried they hadn’t got to you, they should have arrived on 21/03/2022, fingers crossed they have found their way to you hope you liked the gnome best wishes Julie Thomas

  4. What a thoughtful essay. I come back to it daily and ponder your statement: “It is time to transcend the man made paradigm of fear and loathing…for fear has controlled the masses and, as a consequence, many have veered off onto a path of self-loathing, being consumed with hatred of our own species.” It has really touched a chord in my heart and mind; something clearly true, but tragically so. I am hopeful that clarity brings growth and healing. Thank you!

  5. The Moon called me from my sleep in the early hours before dawn, I went to my bedroom window to gaze up at her but looking through the glass wasn’t enough for her. I pushed my bare feet into shoes stepped outside in my nightdress to gaze upon her fullness. The birds were singing all around me as I lifted my camera to snap a few photos before returning to my bed. Still She wasn’t satisfied and once again I felt her pull me from my bed, I tossed on some clothes and once again stepped outside to gaze at Her beauty, I walked to the end of my driveway continued on to the corner and snapped a photo of Her shining brightly in the early morning light over a neighbors house. When I returned I made a cup of tea, grabbed my notebook, went to my outside table where I sipped tea, listened to the birds sing to one another and wrote pages of prose to the Moon. I haven’t written like that in years. I still feel light and airy, Spring has energized me like never before. Happy Spring and Blessed Ostara

    • I haven’t read an account of a moondance like yours in my life. Thank you for recounting it. It is loveliness personified. It’s inspirational! 💚

  6. Thank you Collette. Your many outdoor plants or gardens are so beautiful. I just love to tour your outdoor environment, it’s all so peaceful. Happy Spring, Collette

    • Thankyou for such beautiful words of wisdom Collette and the magical pictures and was a very powerful full moon and spring equinox XXX
      Walked in nature and listened to ‘The lost words spell songs’ music which sings of the wonder of the natural world 🌳well worth listening to🎶💚
      Bright equinox blessings to you and everyone 🌱🦋

  7. Thank you Colette for your beautiful message of renewal…I do believe being one with the healing power and truth in nature is the way…holding that way dear within us and radiating it outward with kindness is the way

  8. Beautiful post, Colette, and Happy Spring! I agree, for those with eyes to see, magic is afoot. One benefit of such obviously fake reporting on so many different things is that people begin to question the imposed “reality.” Just a peek behind the veil reveals a regenerating and beautiful world. Blessed Be!

  9. Thank for yet another inspiring and hopeful gift from Bealtaine Cottage. <3 You have been such a grounding force for me as we navigate these tumultuous times in Canada. Thank you for the beauty and peace of your sanctuary, that you so generously share. Much love and gratitude.

  10. Thank you once again Colette for your words of wisdom and the clarity of your perspective! The world needs the Wise Women to speak the truth, to cut through all the distortions. Blessings to you dear one!

  11. You are so right,dear Colette…………….wonderful times we must learn to see the small things.Blessings and greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany…I look forward to may,than I visit Ireland again,

  12. Such beautiful photography! I can smell those hyacinths! And the green of Spring! Thank you for sharing your incites as well.Your thoughts resonate.

  13. Bealtaine is looking as beautiful as ever Colette . Love the fairy lights . Blessings dear Colette and all that live in your beautiful woodland xxx❤️❤️❤️

  14. What a truly hopeful, signicant and beautiful message. May all of us, touched by you,hold sacred and reverant the beauty that is Mother Earth, and plant like there is no tomorrow. Finding you had brought such a peace to me Colette, and so often l ramble with you around Bealtaine Cottage. You are a gift and dear blessing to us. Love and light, Sandie x

  15. Happy Spring! Its so nice to see the green coming up and out. Love your observations and photos💚💜💛

  16. Hello Colette, I have to agree with your comments life is changing as the world changes the earth is moving changes are being experienced by everyone. Change is good it shakes up the old and brings in the new … blessings anh hugs to you on this fine day …🌼🙏💙💚

    • Thank you , you have motivated us i am sure to look past all the distractions taking place , sharing your thoughts and positivity for mother earth . It’s a beautiful time but sadly many eyes can’t or won’t see it ..

  17. Thank you Collette it was a truly beautiful full moon in Virgo to kick off the solstice 2022 ❤️The mutation 2027 ‘ phoenix rising from the ashes ‘ is gathering pace ..x

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