The End of Empire…This Tiny Dot

Happy to share some images I captured this weekend, as I had the time to simply wander the gardens and take photographs of this special little Eden. Enjoy as you listen to the podcast…


  1. Thank you Colette for breathing clarity into so much constructive chaos and destruction that our beloved Earth has bore with us ,the little every day people.
    Thank you for reminding me that we All matter and are important and not invisible nothings placed in our allocated places and constructed roles as if they are somehow permanent unchangeable fixtures that we are trapped in because we have been conditioned for so long into believing it as a reality when in fact its a construction by those in power and control to meet their ends not ours,
    Its alright to be little and unimportant because we were born into the World and that is enough because Mother Earth gave us our right to our inherited destiny and we dont need to justify it by jumping through the hoops .
    I may be someone with a small voice and not be listened to but i can be who i am and who my family were and are.
    We belong on the Earth and looking at the smaller picture can gives us that sense of place and location in this World and that we are enough by been ourselves.

  2. Love what you do for mother earth! I think somehow were soul sisters!! Hoping one day our paths cross!! Sending blessings to you from across the pond in US/Pennsylvania!!

  3. S/He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. Friedrich Nietzsche

    We all do better when we all do better.Paul Wellstoned

  4. Colette, thank you for sharing your beautiful part of earth with us. My birthday was also in October. I turned 80 and live alone in a cottage too. I love being outside and listening to the birds. Anyway, I want to wish you a belated birthday, “Happy Birthday, Colette”, blessings….

  5. hello Colette, I’m not onTwitter but I saw the pictures of your beautiful birthday roses on this page while listing to the podcast.
    I tried sticking some stems in a pot earlier this year when the flowers were over, and one actually rooted! So maybe you could try a couple in the polytunnel….. rose bushes for free for both yourself and the bees …. and happy memories 🙂

  6. 💝Happy Birthday, Dear Colette! Thank you for sharing your blessings of the day, your feelings and thoughts, your creativity, and knowledge, but above all, your love of Mother Earth. She thrives. So we shall.

  7. I find your last End of Empire podcast so very comforting in this totally unpredictable world. Blessings my friend. ❣️

  8. Thank-you Colette for a vey memorable time. Look for a little something in the post for you to enjoy. Hope you had a wonderful birthday too. love and light Blessings Susan <3 <3 <3

  9. Thank you so much Colette for your wise, words full of hope, energy and enthusiasm which have encouraged me to carry on and try to disregard the bollocks ! 💕💕💕💕

  10. Happy Birthday 💐🎼🎂🍂🍁Thank for sharing the beauty at your lovely cottage and your wisdom,so inspiring 💖

  11. Happy birthday Colette 🎉❤️I wish you all the best 🌹🥰Thanks for everything you doing for Mother Earth and us 🌳Thank You 🍀👋🇨🇦

  12. Hello and a happy birthday to you . The photos are as always incredibly done and always enchantment surrounds you and your home . The peacefulness is there in each photo.. I feel so many people now are opting out of the mundane. They are looking for a better life. Realisation is gradually bringing with it a change, it might seem slow but it is definitely coming. The modern trend of accumulating now, seems to be easing off , due to financial changes yes, for some though I think they value a less stressful way.of life . Looking forward to receiving the new calendar from you . It’s much appreciated all the work you put in. Blessings and hugs Colette. 💚🌹

  13. Beautifully said dear Colette. Connection must be regained. We know so little and don’t know that we don’t know. Blessings to you and your family gazing up.

  14. Oh Colette you have a soul much older than your years. You are so attune. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. I am so happy that you had a beautiful birthday surrounded by your loved ones who gathered to celebrate you. You are so deserving of their time and love. Beautiful photos and podcast Colette. Thank you again for sharing.

  15. Happy birthday. I am inspired by what you say, but at the same time less optimistic about end of Empire. I have been around slightly longer than you. What really worries me is how disconnected and brainwashed the younger generations are. I fear they will accept all the bad stuff: the meta verse, transhumanism and what ever techology has to offer. I can’t believe what I am faced to deal with at this late stage in my life. It’s like I have started on a whole other journey. Not a journey I would willingly have chosen. It helps to connect with like minded people.

  16. Thank you for this Colette. I feel the same as you. Sometimes it so sad to know that the majority of humans have lost touch with the earth to such an extent that they can’t see the signs. 😔❤️‍🩹

  17. Thank you so much for taking time out of your Birthday Weekend! to chat with us! I am glad that it went well. The pictures are beautiful…your talk; right on. Many Blessings to you – dear Colette.

  18. OK, I gotta ask: what’s with the chair hanging on the wall? Do you have a really tall guest that comes to visit, LOL? And what is the plant with the large, shiny leaves in the archway?

    • Wonderful pictures and a great podcast……………..thank you so much,dear Colette………..Blessings and Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany

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