Honouring Gaia, a Simple, Spiritual Philosophy.

 A misty morning at Bealtaine Cottage.

The very beauty of this  morning defies one not to honour the Earth, honour Gaia.


This is an important part of living with and on Gaia.

We have a co-dependent “Web of Life” that includes all physical forms of existence from plants to humans.

Permaculture Cottage ...September 2011 008

Gaia is Earth’s authentic name as “She” is therefore personalized in order for us as humans to have a better relationship with Her.

Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage

Each morning I choose to endeavour to reduce my human impact on Gaia, by  being mindful of my actions and moderate with natural resources.

Be Respectful of Life in All Its Forms.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

As a practising Gaian, becoming a vegetarian was a natural response to the growing environmental concerns and a way of living lightly on the Earth.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 005

Being respectful and courteous not only of human life, but also animal and to an extent plant life, is part of a growing philosophy that heightens spiritual awareness and connectivity.

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 008

Aspiring towards a Vegan way of life is my everyday challenge and centres me onto Gaia.

 Gaianism is a simple spiritual philosophy.

It helps us all to understand the unity of the universe that binds us all and encourages environmental awareness.

The Gaia Movement is an international network of individuals and groups that share a concern for living more sustainably on the Earth.



  1. Thank you for your advice Colette I have started to save seedlings of trees in small pots. I also ask the universe for birds to drop seeds in my garden that I can put in pots and save for when I move. The most amazing thing is that what i have asked for is actually seeding in my garden, examples are feverfew, selfheal, and lots of other different types of plants and herbs. It feels to me that the earth knows what my plans are and is doing everything to help me. However you must remember the important role which you have played in this too Colette that being sharing bealtine cottage and your work there. Don’t ever forget the valuable information and teachings which you have shared with us all. Thank you so much, I will keep you updated on my progress lots of love Alana xx

  2. Hi Colette I just want to thank you for educating me. I will very shortly be attending a permaculture course. I am ashamed to admit but before I found your blog I had no idea what permaculture actually was . Now it’s a different story. I am saving like mad to buy a small holding in Wales to enable my husband and myself to live self sufficiently while looking after mother nature and all birds bees butterflies etc which reside on her without the use of one single chemical. Thank you so much I can honesty say that discovering your blog has definately changed my life and made me realise what I need to be doing to help our beautiful planet lots of love Alana xx

    • Alana…I am overwhelmed with what you say and delighted too, for Mother Earth needs us to help her recover and allow us, the human race, to continue living in health with Her. Your life will be happier than ever before and you will be blessed with joy and abundance. Start collecting tree seeds and begin sowing…your transition begins now. Blessings on your plans XXX Colette

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