Make It, Mend It.

As the Winter nights draw in, we have a sense of being confined to home. This is the time when many people feel there is little to do, often resorting to whiling away the evenings doing nothing much…and I speak from personal experience more’s the shame!

The reality is actually quite different from that which we first encounter, for this is not time we have to pass, but down time allowing us to catch up, prepare for the lighter days ahead and make plans.

There lies ahead of us a mere 5-6 weeks to that most busiest of holiday seasons, Yule…Christmas.

This is the perfect time to give home-made gifts…especially edibles!

I say especially edibles because much of what passes as Christmas food in the shops is really quite mediocre.

For real taste and great packaging, nothing beats home-made!

Jam, wine, knits, biscuits, bakes…the possibilities are endless!

And the other half of this title?

Mend it…the economy of home management. Sewing, knitting, darning, painting, upcycling…a good lamp to work by and work away!

Of course, all this is about skills, and no better time to learn a new skill than by joining an evening class and meeting like-minded people.

Come to think of it…there really is very little time over the course of one winter to get half of it all done!

If you’re short of ideas on sending gifts abroad, then have a peek on the Bealtaine Cottage Seed site.

I’m happy to act as Mother Christmas and despatch beautifully wrapped seeds, with a card including your message, to deserving recipients all over the world…


  1. Wonderful inspiration! And I so agree, winter is a very productive time for making and mending – as it used to be once long ago. These traditions are returning.
    I’ve noticed here, that the tide is turning, slowly, but surely, to buying and/or making handmade.
    Those dreadful “2 buck shops”, which were so common once, are not so evident anymore, thankfully.

    Recipes for homemade preserves, soaps, bath salts/balls, cordials, chocolates, toys etc. are sought out on the internet.
    And, as you show here, with pretty accents of bows and labels, they are far more appreciated than store bought, I think 🙂

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