The weather has been all over the place during the past few days. Storm Barney has apparently passed over, though as I write, there is a storm whooping up, quite suddenly too, along the valley and mountains, in from the Atlantic seaboard.

As you can see from the photographs above, taken yesterday, the sun shone brilliantly, though intermittently!

I have just stepped out from the cottage to snap these, literally a few minutes ago.

Another storm has just swept in from the west!

The colours are uplifting I think, even though there is an inherent violence accompanying them.

Mother Nature is venting…

DSC07460The clock moves to just after 4pm and the sky outside is darkening fast.

DSC07463I rejoice in days like these, for one feels alive and adrenaline pumps to the surface, as the full force of Mother Nature moves across the sky and the trees tremble.

DSC07461There is a conference in Paris today…on Climate Change.

I received clarification today of what I have long suspected…for we know that everything is connected…

It is simply this…that the War Machine, the military might of the West, guzzles the most oil and is the largest emitter of CO2 on our planet!

DSC07474War and militarism are the key components of what fuels Climate Change!

DSC07465Everything, yes everything is connected!

DSC07443Jack worries not…there are times I envy him!


  1. What beautiful photographs. What beautiful nature surrounds you. Here in Paris I am too close to the hypocrisy and corruption taking place at the COP21. I have attended 4 days of meetings with indigenous peoples who have created an Alliance of the Guardians of the Earth and an International Tribunal for the Rights of Mother Earth. Witness after witness testifies to the evil that is all around us. But these Guardians haven’t come just to ask us to stand with them to fight the building of dams and the mining corporations destroying their forests. They have come to help us heal ourselves and the Earth, because, as they say, they know we have lost the way, and forgotten what we are and where we belong. White people are always in a hurry, and white people don’t stay long in one place, so we have lost ourselves, but they are our relatives, and all that is living on Mother Earth is a relative. Thank you for the beautiful photos. To see them makes me feel a lot better. xxx

    • I watched the Flotilla…awesome! Everyone told me the dream of Bealtaine was impossible! It has come to pass against all the odds. Mother Earth needs our help and unleashes the magic with a little help to get going…that is our purpose I now believe…to tend the garden. We choose heaven with her, or hell apart from her.

  2. I LOVE storms… with a passion! There is SO much energy in the elements, makes one feel truly ALIVE!

    Your photos are mesmerising, Colette! I like nothing better than a steely grey sky before, or after, a storm. And that unmistakable scent on the air. I think we can smell energy. We can sense it, that’s for sure.
    And, plants so benefit from the nitrogen fixing in a thunderstorm. I’ll bet your glorious garden was revelling in it 🙂

    Please, post more moody, broody, glorious skies this coming winter, it’s such a tonic to see such beauty, in a world of horror and disquiet.

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