Moving Forward…

Buddleia in a vaseThere’s a touch of early autumn in the air.

The air is cool and the sun is hidden behind low cloud and even a little mist.

I must admit to loving this time of year!

spinning wheelThe morning is filled with activity as I clear space for my bigger and better workshop addition.

This is all about living as sustainably as possible.

lodge at bealtaine cottageThe Lodge will now be that dedicated space that I have so long needed!

As more and more visitors make their way to Bealtaine Cottage, for workshops on sustainable living and all aspects of permaculture, a space that would define this was needed!

In order to live even more sustainably, I am aiming to install solar and wind power…upgrading the shop and workshop space will help me achieve this goal!

kitchenMoving furniture around is hard going, so I’ve stopped for a cup of tea, as the kettle has been boiling on the stove for some time now.

harvestI have spent some time building a small, sustainable business here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Tomorrow I meet with an advisor from Roscommon Enterprise…wish me luck!


You can find Bealtaine Cottage on Etsy… developing the range of Vintage Clothes and Cottage Bric-a-Brac…as well as lots of crafts and jewellery!

shop posterBealtaine Cottage Etsy


  1. All the very best for a successful meeting with your business advisor tomorrow Colette. My sister and I still have you on our travel list, and hope to make our way down to Roscommon in the near future, to see the ‘reality of Bealtaine Cottage’ so beautifully reflected in your daily pictures. p.s. Missy looks well and appears to be keeping a keen eye on the stove……wondering perhaps if her place beside the warmth of the hearth will be assured amid the upheaval of the shift!!

  2. I agree with wspines and am happy for you too 🙂

    I would so love to visit Bealtaine Cottage someday, perhaps when I am able to travel again I will. I have a big soft spot for Ireland (am a descendant) and haven’t visited since I was a little girl (when donkeys delivered the milk!), It was breathtakingly beautiful.
    It pains me to think about how the natural world has been damaged by the inhabitants it has been so generous to, but all the time there people like yourself giving hope and showing a way forward, all is not lost. You work very hard but are repaid in an abundance that money can’t buy. There is nothing can fill us with peace and contentedness more than working with nature.

    All the best and warmest blessings


  3. Colette I am so happy for you. You are making your dream come true and giving so much help to people along the way. Cheers to you.

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