A Simple Life

a real sofa bedThis is a real sofa bed.

It’s a bed, with a cover and lots of cushions.

sitting roomI needed another sofa in my sitting room.


No fuss.

Looks good and is inter-changeable.

Cost: zero!

Mosaic mirrorMost of what I have in my home cost zero.

Like this fancy mirror above the mantle piece…born from broken mirrors and turned into a mirror mosaic.

Cost: zero.

The mantle piece cost 50 euros in a second-hand furniture shop.

mosaic floorThe simplicity of living, almost cash free, is liberating and allows one to appreciate everything that comes ones way.

Like this mosaic floor, created from broken tiles, throw-a ways from a consumer driven society.

mosaic floorLife within the shop-till-you-drop, over-burdened, corporate-controlled madness that passes as culture, is beginning to wane.

mosaic floorMore people are awakening to the liberation of simplicity…a simple life.

Bog Oak garden sculptureOne where culture is developed and creativity valued.

A piece of Bog Oak, found on the beach and stood up in the garden, surrounded by plants…

bee pollinating broccoliA simple life, is one where bees are appreciated for the work they do and not just seen as a source of honey.

There are several wild bee nests here in the gardens of Bealtaine Cottage.

I plant food for them, though have no hives.

I want nothing from them, but their labour…let them keep their honey, they deserve it!

apples at Bealtaine CottageA simple life is less cluttered, quieter, calmer.

With little in material goods, there is less to think about and worry about.


  1. Your hearth and floor tiling mosaic are extraordinary. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home, Colette!
    Martha from Vermont

  2. Oh Colette, I wish we knew each other earlier, I think we could’ve been the best of friends from across the Atlantic. I just love your coverlet with the Celtic knots. In 2014, while preparing for our handfasting, my husband and I came across instructions for doing a heart shape celtic knot. My husband took a piece of cording I had and practiced ad practiced until he had it down, then using the cording that would lace my gown (I made a mediveialish gown for myself) he made the knot in the center so it would be at my breast when laced. It was so meaningful to have him help with my outfit. He wore a kilt in the Irish National tartan. I so enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your land and cottage for us.

  3. Thank you again Colette!! Your posts always seem to focus on exactly what I need and come at exactly the time I need reminding the most! I admit that I don’t always read posts from my favorite bloggers in real time. I’m still caught in the hamster wheel of the great rat race LOL. I usually save them up for a rainy day and binge to my soul’s content. Yours caught my eye as I was hurriedly sorting emails before bed. I’m so glad I stopped to “smell the roses”. Keep up the great work! You are forging a path for so many of us to follow. I hope one day to be doing exactly what you’re doing now. You are my inspiration 🙂

  4. This is WONDERFUL! Thank you soooo much for putting these posts up; they are so inspiring! Blessed be. 🙂

  5. Can a simple life be had in the suburbs, with a mortgage? I’m striving to prove it possible – we can’t all afford land. Am I teaching what is impossible to attain?

    • I lived in London for years and kept a reasonably simple life, with the aid of an allotment, charity shop foraging, skip diving and many other ways of making the most of the city…which can be a wealthy place with the right approach.

  6. Love this post. It’s so true. I’m trying to slow things down and live a lot more simplified. It seems impossible when the rest of your family is in the world driven by material. I keep plugging along trying to let them see, but alas….

  7. Enjoyed your post today. It takes more and more money just to make ends meet today.The more I do to with the things I have the happier I am. Blessings to you

  8. Thanks, Colette. I always enjoy your ‘simplify’ posts. Helps get me back on track! I’m thinking about coming to one of your open days in September. Will email for directions if I’m able to come. Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Inspirational for us at this hard time. The hurdle of money depresses us all, yet you are doing it and are surrounded by beauty. This post was what I needed right now. X

    • Money is a burden. Anyone can have money. Creativity is something one cultivates…that is culture. Let’s all develop culture…the bankers can’t touch that!
      Blessings X

  10. I have long admired the stunning mirror over your mantlepiece and the wonderful mosaic floor you created. I think that nothing as beautiful can be found in the shops.

    That bottom pic where sunflower bobbing in front of the apple tree is lovely 🙂

    Wishing you a a happy (and hopefully sunny) weekend x


    • Thank you Cicely…there is so much thrown away and so much to collect up and make things with…it’s just great really! Have a lovely weekend too!
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

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