The Romance of Gardening…falling for Gaia

A love story in pictures…

The misty hill of Ballyfermoyle***

Petunias in pot on veranda table***

Entrance to the Fairy Wood***

The Lodge at Bealtaine Cottage***

Roses on veranda at bealtaine cottage today***

Angel on Midsummer morning***

Bealtaine Cottage sign***

driveway at bealtaine Cottage***Sunset through the trees at Bealtaine Cottage***

veranda at bealtaine cottage***

pealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens***

Pond in May at Bealtaine Cottage***

Pond in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage 015


Bee on Lunaria flower at Bealtaine Cottage***

Angel at Bealtaine Cottage***

Buddha under the Laurel arch at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens***

Mist and trees in the permaculture gardens at Bealtaine Cottage***

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture***

Bealtaine Cottage 011***

Midwinter mist at Bealtaine Cottage***

bealtaine Cottage in the snow***

Angel in the snow at Bealtaine Cottage


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  1. I so enjoy all your photos. That looks like a remarkably large parcel of land to have a pond as well. I would love to actually see something so beautiful and natural. It makes my heart happy. Blessing to you. I know, you are already blessed.

  2. Your posts make me so happy, I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist and I love how you connect not just to the earth’s beauty, but to her energy and sacredness. Thanks for the uplifting posts!

      • Hi Colette, Thanks for your reply.

        I’m just changing my diet to Vegan.
        Maybe you can share some of your recipes ideas – if you like. Did you ever make Kombucha?


        P.S. When I retire in a few years, the first place I’m going is to Ireland to visit Bealtaine.
        The second thing I’m thinking of doing is taking a course at the Ballymaloe cookery school in East Cork. Do you know it?

        • Kombucha is really good…a friend has shared some with me. I will definitely post some recipes. Ballymaloe is a place I would love to visit too…never been and heard good things about it, but ideally would love a Vegan cookery course!
          Blessings XXX

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    Here in Portsmouth there used to be a shabby ‘public convenience’ on a small triangle of land next to a roundabout and a prison. Eventually it was demolished and the land left untouched for perhaps a year or several years. In that time it became a riot of wild flowers, eye-catching and beautiful. Then the council, in their infinite wisdom, decided to mow it all down. Today it’s just an unused patch of short grass – A little oasis of natural beauty wiped away for no reason.

    We really need to appreciate nature more, and not think that everything has to be controlled and managed and artificial.

  4. I have just returned from holidaying in beautiful Scotland, back to the humidity and Fracking news. The village is going to Balcombe on the 24th to support the protesters, so I shall go of course. The garden is dripping in fruit. In the spring I feared there wouldn’t be much, as there seemed to be so few pollinators about, but miraculously, we have the most abundant crop I have ever seen. I have had to order yet another freezer to accommodate it all. It must have been a full time job for you Colette, picking all those blackcurrants!

  5. These images do indeed tell a story……of the beauty and splendour of nature, the essence of which you have managed to capture through the lens of your camera. Well done Colette; looking forward to a sequel sometime soon! Good also to see Missy putting in an appearance. Hopefully her health is holding up.

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