The First Stage of Collapse is Underway…

ban frackingThere appear to be about five stages in the collapse of any society…the first one being human impacts on the environment.


This, simply put, are humans destroying the resource base upon which they depend.

Using spent mushroom compost in the garden

In the case of Ireland, this happens to be the soil.

In the case of almost every society on the Earth, it happens to be the soil.

PosterThe fertility of the soil is diminishing…so much so, that even here in Ireland, farmers rely on chemical fertilizers to grow sufficient grass to feed livestock.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

The same happens to be the case worldwide.

The Nursery at Bealtaine Cottage

Our present course is a non-sustainable course, which by definition means it cannot be maintained.

Think about that…”cannot be maintained!”

potager bedHowever, we should realize that none of this is beyond our control, even though our political and economic systems seem frozen in time!

Veranda at Bealtaine Cottage

Each one of us is part of the problem, so therefore can be part of the solution.

Sustainable growing at 009

The main problem is denial and “Ostrich Syndrome!”

Let’s keep talking the economy up!

This is the only message we get from the mainstream media, politicians and economists.

harvesting blackcurrantsHowever, which ever way one looks at it, our present course is headed for the precipice.

We had a massive party.

It lasted for several decades.

We told our children lies.

harvesting garlicWe told them that they could have whatever they wanted…big houses, big cars, foreign holidays in increasingly exotic places and all the consumer goods they desired.

Mirror reflecting Gaia at Bealtaine CottagePermaculture Blog 024

Just go to college, we said…just get a good education, we said…then a career that will earn you lots of money.

veranda at Bealtaine CottageAnd all the while we knew that the world had finite resources.

Barn at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

Well, the party’s over.

This is the morning after the night before.

We have to begin the clean-up and face into the days ahead.
posterAs we, individually and collectively, attempt to make sense of what is happening, just keep this in mind…

Not one politician has stated the simple fact, that: unlimited growth cannot happen on a finite planet… 002

Apparently, not one of their over-paid advisers has yet told them this simple statement of economic fact!

Pond in May at Bealtaine Cottage

We, as communities, will have to fight our governments, to try to protect what it is, they want to destroy!

Garden permaculture at 134

The first stage of collapse is underway…but…it is during these times of extremity that the best within us can rise to the surface…hold onto that!


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  1. I’m holding on. I take great strength from your message and from hearing similar messages coming from different places. There is a heightened awareness of what is real and not real. A growing movement against consumerism. The thought of what needs to happen can feel overwhelming but by sharing with each other we can be strong and do what we can. Bealtaine reaches much further than its three acres. 🙂
    Predictive text just changed Bealtaine to Beak rain. 🙂

  2. In the face of political apathy, depletion of Earth’s resources, and increasingly volatile extreme weather events, many of us have become reconciled to an uncertain future… This message needs to be widely disseminated … so I have shared it via facebook to 2 groups

  3. We each have to do our bit; even if only 10% act, changes will occur. But we can’t count on others being part of that 10%; we have to sign up ourselves. Thanks for a great post and I’m re-blogging it; some of my followers are very like-minded. ~ Linne

  4. You are right on target Colette. I just found out that the local farmer who bought seed willy nilly now has non gmo corn and his fields were certified organic. It takes time but people are listening. Politicians will have to listen too, I hope we have enough time.
    Blessings to you

  5. This makes such perfect sense. common sense.

    Near where I live there is a stunningly beautiful patch of woodland that has sadly been desecrated by rubbish people have thrown there rather than take to the dump, which is less than a mile away. It seems so senseless but I know it is because many people (even those living in the countryside) have become disconnected from nature.

  6. You are so exactly right about this. The governments are not interested in the sustainability of our home, the earth. They are interested in governing, control and power. Even in their stated attempts to protect the planet and its inhabitants, it’s efforts end up doing the very opposite. There never seems to be a method to monitor their efforts and change or stop them when they prove disastrous. They just move on and attempt to protect (control) something else.

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