Photos of the Permaculture Gardens and Cottage of Bealtaine in January 2012

Bealtaine Cottage seen through the camera in 2012

Jack, January 2012

jack in January 2012 at Bealtaine Cottage Ireland

Beech and Bamboo January 2012

Jan 12 permaculture cottage 008

The girls on the veranda January 2012

Hens at Bealtaine Cottage Jan 2012

The Mighty Ash tree against the stormy January sky of 2012

Mighty Ash tree at Bealtaine Cottage

The full moon over Bealtaine Cottage in January 2012

Bealtaine Cottage Jan 2011 004

First snow of 2012 settles on the permaculture gardens.

Bealtaine Cottage Jan 2011 006

A well-mulched bed in the fruit gardens

Jan 12 Bealtaine Cottage 002

Sorting and tying Willow in the shelter of the veranda, January 2012

Tying Willow from the Permaculture gardens

The polytunnel in January 2012

permaculture polytunnels


  1. Ahhhhh….What a lovely surprise to see ‘snow’ gently falling on your pictures! I especially like Jack, and The girls on the veranda. The full moon is SUPERB!
    Thanks Christine!
    Snapped the moon with my cheap little second-hand camera and the result somewhat surprised me too!

  2. Hi Colette,
    I just love Jack such a handsome boy, The pictures of Bealtaine are beautiful. Hope that in the coming New Year we will see the winds of good changes. May blessings be on you and your family.
    Thank you Carole…

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