What Your Government Fails to tell You…

Bealtaine Cottage Barn

Television News Stations do not tell you the news.

They give you the views of the elite, who own them and run them.

Bealtaine Cottage Willow CatkinsThey feed your children dumbed down shows that make them feel inadequate.

Bealtaine Cottage steps down into the gardenYour doctor does not ask about how YOU are, what you ate last night for dinner, how you slept over the past week.

Bealtaine Cottage Vegan FoodDoctors prescribe drugs on behalf of the multi-national drug companies who offer them lots of incentives to do so.

Bealtaine Cottage Organic Potatoes grown under PermacultureThe US government fails to support the integrity of the consumer, or even afford integrity to the consumer, by refusing to allocate information relating to GMO’s on food products!

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensMy Irish Government are allowing GMO potato trials and refuse to discuss WHY this is so allowed!

Celtic Knot at Bealtaine CottageGovernments do not remind us that THEY are TRUSTEES of the people, the nation, our country.

growing organic seeds at Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureWe have placed them into a position of TRUST.

They are OUR servants!


  1. All we can do is voice our views wherever we can, use our vote, write letters, and live a life that is in the world but not of it. Our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stripped away much of the environmental protections that were in place so he can allow big oil companies to stomp through the virgin lands in northern BC and put our coastline at risk. The big-wigs are out to make a buck it’s up to the peasants to stand firm. The politicians do forget they are supposed to be working for us. We have to keep the faith.
    We are awakened.
    We are aware.
    We will not ignore.
    We will not forget.
    This Earth is sacred.
    We carry the Divine within us and protect the Divine in all we live among.
    Yes, we have to keep the faith, together and with courage.
    Bealtaine Cottage Blessings

  2. Television News programmes can indeed put a certain ‘spin’ on items from time to time. However, as a long standing viewer of (UK) Channel 4’s main evening news – I have come to trust and value the integrity of reporting of national and world events on this channel.

    And for a ‘lighter’ comment……The variety of food on your cottage table looks absolutely delicious. Together with place settings of beautifully crafted bowls and plates, it offers a sensual feast for the eyes and appetite! YUM!

    • Sorry, pushed the button too quickly. It does seem that more and more people are waking up to these facts. And while the power and influence of these corporations is immense, they do not own us. We have choices and as more of us realize this the more powerful we are. And that, I think, is a very good thing. Take good care, Patti
      Right on the button!
      As you lead and set good example, so you power those who seek support…this is growing in the strongest way possible: from the ground, up!
      Blessings to you and yours and all those who seek and invoke a better world

      • Media is the place were lies are told and may all come to know this. None of us have a ‘free’ ride. We must look to our small part of Mother Earth and take care of that. If we all do it, soon there will be great expanses of the Earth well cared for. I am proud to know Bealtaine Cottage and your efforts.
        This is the great realization and empowerment.
        More power to all of you!
        Bealtaine Cottage blessings

  3. The government leaders in the USA do not count its people as its greatest asset instead it counts oil and gas or how much its monoculture agriculture can yield with no regard for the destruction to our Earth. Our leaders do nothing but bicker and fight to protect their special interests. They and our media have created a fiscal cliff they want everyone to focus on. Meanwhile, our greatest asset our children are not safe. There are schools that have had programs cut, some don’t have heat or even books for the children. The teachers who educate them are not valued they even have to buy their own supplies. A young teacher I have known since she was a baby just had a little boy. What kind of world is he going to grow up in? The Newtown teachers that lost their lives were trying to protect their children. I wish our leaders had just a little of their courage and provided a positive example and protected our real assets.
    Well said, Sharleen!
    Take heart…it is our world, our country and we will be the change, in all we say and do, forcing politicians to play catch-up and calling them to account on every action they take.
    You are already there, leading and setting example.
    Many more are following.
    More power to you and yours,
    Bealtaine Cottage blessings,

  4. I agree with the comment above, we do need to say No and stop allowing all this terrible destruction and deceit.

    The feast on your table looks wonderful!
    You do everything with such care and beauty.
    Life is precious, time is precious, integrity, compassion and wisdom are all.
    Bealtaine Cottage Blessings

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