Self-Sufficient Living and 145,000 Cats

The World Health Organization parachuted in 145,000 cats…really!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Bealtaine Cottage Christmas CatA Salutary Lesson

To treat a malaria outbreak in Borneo in the 1950s, the World Health Organization (WHO) sprayed DDT to kill mosquitoes. 

But the DDT also killed parasitic wasps which were controlling thatch-eating caterpillars.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture As a result, the thatched roofs of many homes fell down, and the DDT-poisoned insects were eaten by geckoes, which were in turn eaten by cats.

The cats perished, which led to the multiplication of rats, and then outbreaks of sylvatic plague and typhus.

Bealtaine Cottage 008To put an end to this destructive chain of events, WHO had to parachute 145,000 live cats into the area to control the rats.


So, what has this little story got to do with self-sufficiency, I hear you ask?

Bealtaine CottageWell, it’s all about circles and loops and asking oneself questions…

For to be self-sufficient it is important to engage with the World, Nature and develop awareness of consequences.

What will happen to…

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  1. hobbit12

    Amazing story, showing what happens when we interfere with Nature.
    Maura Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lesson for life!
      Blessings XXX



    I am a weaver. I wear a button on my vest that reads: ” We did not weave the web of life…We are but a strand in it.” By Chief Seattle


  3. Brilliant story – just shows what can happen from one small change.


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