Country Cottage Journal ~ A Christmas Eve Message from Bealtaine Cottage


The cottage is quiet.

Outside the remains of the storm huff and puff it’s remaining fury.

Inside the thick stone walls it’s Christmas Eve.

There will be a full moon on Christmas night, the first one since 1977.

But, this morning, the rays of the Midwinter sun illuminate the grey morning and all is quiet.

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Quiet is a welcome word after a night of howling wind and relentless rain.

DSC07785My blessed thanks to those of you who sent me good wishes and gifts.

I am heartily grateful to receive the appreciation of friends.

DSC07784Friends like Heather, who made me this beautiful brooch, stitched with love.

I have pinned it to the lapel of my jacket…it is a thing of beauty indeed!

It is the little notes, gifts and donations that bring a sense of being appreciated.

I am indeed blessed to live my life in the service of Mother Earth and able to live without the needs so many feel they must have, forever indebting themselves to the corporate machine that is destroying her.

DSC07782As I write this journal, the radio informs me of another storm on the way.

I will soon light the traditional candle in the window of my small sitting room.

candle and spiral at bealtaine cottageThe placing of a lighted candle in the window of a house on Christmas Eve is still practised today.

It remains a symbol of hope.

PaddyDog Designs at Ballyfermoyle, sold in the Bealtaine Cottage shop on EtsyHope is what Bealtaine Cottage is all about…hope and renewal.

I am a woman and a pragmatist who looks to the future.

Full moon over Bealtaine Cottage IrelandDespite the wars of man, the fear of climate upheaval, the greed of those in power and the relentless drum-banging of the corporate consumer world, life, in all it’s imperfections, is sacred and beautiful.

DSC07780On this blessed Christmas Eve, I will step out with my spade and wheelbarrow, to plant the future, in the form of five trees.

May you be blessed with love, light and happiness on this wonderful day and in the days of light to follow.

XXX Colette XXX

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  1. May the storms lighten, and perhaps enlighten others I appreciate your eloquence enormously, and pray that 2016 enters your world with Ease and Grace, and Love surrounds you as warm velvet would, softly in-folding all your most cherished wishes as they come true for you. Linnet

  2. Reading this a few days after Christmas, but its never too late to send well wishes to all. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. Its not to late to say Happy New Year in 2016. And a prayer of hope that world consciousness continues to rise toward a new day where we work as one to restore and preserve the gift we’ve been given…our Home! Mother Earth! The poker players of destiny and power and money may hold their cards close to their vests while counting their chips. But while they play their Machiavellian games, Colette will be changing the world one tree at a time!!! All of us will be continuing down the road of renewal and restoration of the global environment. And the gamblers of our future will rise up from their chairs to find that the world has left them behind. God bless our Earth and our global forests. Everyone has the power to restore the forests no matter where you are. Adopt a tree in the city and make sure its cared for properly. Plant trees in the suburbs if you have any space at all. And even easier if you have a land holding in the country. Robert Hart had the hope that everyone of us around the world could collectively restore the global forest. Diana Beresford-Kroeger has explained in scientific detail and poetic beauty the crucial role the forests play in our very survival. The forests are just one piece of the miracle of this Earth. Change is up to us, the little people. Its the little people who’ve always driven massive changes in history. Grass roots change is like the wind and water, its impossible to stop. The meek shall inherit the Earth. God bless you all! A blessed New Year to All.

  3. Please have a blessed Christmas and Holiday Season. Your blogs are a gift to me through all the year.

  4. Merry Christmas and a Belated Happy Yule! I’ve been out of town so didn’t get to wish you one. Peace, gratitude and many blessings to you, Colette! Thank you for all you do and are. Love, Laura

  5. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Gratitude for what has been created and shared. Appreciation for the simplicities of life. Gifts received and given in thanks. The planting of the new during this time of winter Beautiful Creation all around in contrast to destruction. Merry Christmas Collette. Thank you for all you do and share. Love the candle lit in the window Hope indeed

  6. Bright blessings to you, Jack and Sammy-Bear. May peace and harmony continue to dwell in your beautiful Bealtaine Cottage and garden ~ your sanctuary for the soul.

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