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  1. I agree Colette – and all politicians are a shower of shite. The only good thing I have noticed very recently is that the shock of Trump getting in has galvanised some young people and they are no longer so blase about politics and how it effects them. On the other hand, other young people seem think that the older generation have made such a mess that they are powerless at this stage to do anything about it. All we can do at the end of the day is to do everything we can within our personal power and believe that good will prevail because there is SO MUCH good stuff out there – like Bealtaine Cottage – that the mainstream media never comment on.

  2. Its another end to a very long day and I am just now listening to your Tuesday morning podcast. You said it all!!! I completely resonate with your anger and agree with every word. And what amazing beautiful comments your followers have written here. Your work has not been in vain. You have brought so much good into the world. We will not give up. I am afraid those taking the reins of power now just don’t care and our environmental protection agency will be gutted over the next four years. Not sure if lip service and no action is any better than complete indifference and denial. Both have the same result. I agree with all your followers here. Change will only come from the bottom up, from us. We love you Colette. Please never stop your online advocacy for our dear Mother Earth.

  3. Well, I’m really glad I saw your beautiful upcycled creatiion made with all this energy first. My mother would have said “your Irish is showing”.
    And so it is. Justifiably. The political climate is infuriating and moves a little slower than a snail if at all. Sometimes it’s just too much and lights a spark that blows the lid off. What I appreciate most is that you were able to channel this into another beautiful creative effort. We need these creative efforts so that we are not crushed by our frustrations.
    Blessings of peace for the new day.

  4. I haven’t been able to listen to this (not technical issues, just time pressure and a severe focus deficit – still coping with the aftermath of the NZ earthquake and all the aftershocks while struggling to grasp the scale of the damage to key infrastructure) but the comments give me the gist. I think anger is far more valuable than indifference. I used to feel great anger about this too. What partly neutralised my bitterness was a gradual realisation that climate change is teaching us some lessons that are beyond price and that we could not learn in any other way. I also believe that the Earth is a highly complex self-managing Being and could, if She wished, neutralise global warming overnight – a single major volcanic eruption would cool global temperatures for many decades. But the Earth operates on a much larger time scale than we can envisage. And we as humans – and an expression of Earth’s ongoing evolution – have to learn, just as a small child does, that our actions have consequences and that we need to take responsibility for this. Change is a constant – it fuels continuing growth. Climate does not remain constant, there have been times of powerful destruction, upheaval and reconfiguration long before humans came. But crisis brings out the finest in humans. And attitudes are changing. But it’s not politicians who need to take the lead, it is us as individuals. We are not powerless. It is just that we misunderstand the nature of our power. And change can happen very rapidly. Already attitudes have shifted dramatically. It would have been unthinkable a decade or two ago for major political parties to campaign on climate issues and for an acutely industrialised country like China to make preservation of the environment a central policy plank: I feel increasingly optimistic about the future and initiatives like Bealtaine Cottage strengthen that optimism. Positive change comes from surprising sources and in unexpected ways. Perhaps even, paradoxical as that may sound, from a Trump government.

  5. Colette,I’m never disappointed by politicians, they’re all cheats and liars who are only there to further their own ambition.Nobody worthwhile enters politics anymore and as for newspapers the bulk are owned by people with their own agendas ,like Murdoch (? spelling)The only way things will change is people like you who are dedicated enough to make it happen and when there are enough there will be a change, but it’s not going to be any time soon as long as Money remains “god “for most …………sorry to be so depressing
    ps it was the first podcast which didn’t cut off …………the force of passion!
    blessings M xx

    • I’m not surprised you’re so upset with the politicians. I am totally disgusted with the actions of the current “government” here in Ireland. But for the first time in my life (heading for 70) I see a ray of hope. A small percentage of the Irish people have voted for a few politicians who are against war, racial discrimination, corruption,cronyism, tax theft and they don’t take donations from big business to fund their campaigns. They have been vilified by the usual politicians for their stance on values and their attempts to restore democracy. It’s time for change when the so called leader, prime minister or taoiseach calls care givers and nurses militants and terrorists because they want a reasonable wage for the work they do.

  6. When we moved into our present home 17 years ago i planted around ten native trees and a few fruit trees – some i dug up from a industrial site that was being bulldozed – my petrol head neighbour constantly asked “how big they will get” and “do they have leaves” – we really are up against it – all we can do is live a life ingrained with purity, and give the other buggers a hard time. I agree completely with your feelings, in particularly regarding the farming community, who i feel could make a big difference, but few do. David

  7. Colette. You are doing more than a thousand politicians could ever do. We cannot look to politicians for change. Change is the very, very last thing they want, unless it’s change that benefits them alone. Change has to come from us.

  8. Dear Collette, I believe that you have just voiced exactly what so very many of us are thinking and saying. But don’t let the ******** grind you down!!
    What you do at Bealtaine is SO worthwhile and you also inspire and encourage so many others to do their best in whatever ways they can, and to recognise and respect the beauty and power of nature and of all creatures great and small. I for one really look forward to visiting your sites and to receiving your daily blogs, podcasts, stories and so on. They are the sanity I seek in this crazy world.
    … But, no, The World is not crazy, The World is an extremely beautiful place, but many of those supposedly representing the peoples of the world seem to be somewhat crazy in their actions…. or lack of. They seek quick-fixes, instant gratification and as many ‘quick bucks’ as they can get, for themselves and their countries without considering the bigger picture and consequence of their actions in the future; both near and long-term. They steam on regardless; paying lip-service to supposedly making’ things’ better, whilst the reality is that ‘things’ continue to worsen apace across the globe.So very often it is the most vulnerable people in society and the smallest, poorest, countries that get hit the hardest and quickest…. but hey.. why should the rest of world that has enough of everything, but selfishly still wants more and more, care?!
    Many do not seem to understand that Mother Earth can, and undoubtedly will, ultimately survive without mankind, once she heals herself from the damage we have caused her, but that we simply cannot survive without her. Maybe so-called world leaders should all go on a Permaculture Design course to learn the meaning of ‘People Care, Earth Care, Fair Share’ …. no doubt caring and sharing is a very strange concept for some of them?!
    Just think of what could be achieved if all the peoples of the world adopted a caring and sharing approach; what a wonderful world it would be!
    We must be the change we want to see!

  9. Governments, whether Irish, British or American are self – serving. They will not change until the water laps at their feet or the bombs explode on their door, and even then, it’ll be someone else’s fault. It’s probably too late for humans (not that we should stop trying), but it’s down to the individual to act and stop hoping someone else will do for you.

    I felt every word you said… X

  10. I hear you girlfriend.
    And I totally agree.
    I’m bloody angry too!
    I Iive in a rented place but I’m planting what I can!
    I fear for the future of this land and what my grandchildren have been born into!

  11. I just want to say that you, Colette O’Neill, have made a difference to my life! Can I save us from climate change? NO but I can tend my little speck of Earth and plant my trees and nurture and be nurtured by Mother Earth…..and I got your back way over here in Pelham TN usa <3 I have two European Ash trees to plant today and It will be in your honor! sending hugs….Heather

  12. I feel your pain as well, the land I live on is healing I hope, but what will it come to if climate change is not addressed? I’m so bloody tired of politicians reducing the complexity of the natural world into slogans, advertisement speaking to the lowest common denominator. I feel like a poor earthworm being suffocated in compacted soil, I just want to do my healing work, I feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. When we have a leader that is willing to accept we are all connected? People are blindly walking into oblivion like lemmings. I am shattered too. I would give up every warm shower, iPhone, car, job just to have a habitable earth, the most beautiful things on earth are not man made. I don’t want to have to get used to things dieing, but that’s exactly what the western countries have insisted poor people do.

  13. Oh Colette! I hear you, I share your anger and frustration and completely understand where you are coming from. Since the Paris agreement, our prime minister here in the UK has sanctioned the construction of a third runway at Heathrow! This is something she was against when the Tories were in opposition. I didn’t vote for the Conservatives but I may never vote again for anyone. I have no faith in any of them to keep their word.
    However, Please don’t let them steal your peace…don’t let them stop you sharing your wonderful work at Bealtaine Cottage. You are inspiring so many to do what they can. I know you have inspired me. I have a tiny back garden but I’m cramming more and more into it. I’m planting for the bees and birds and have a raised bed area for veggies. I’m considering strongly digging up the grass to plant more…and all in no small part because of the inspiration I have gained from you.
    I send you love and blessings. I read something yesterday along the lines of ” Start where you are, do what you can with what you have ” That’s what you’re doing and Mother Earth will honour it.
    Julie xx

  14. You just put Words to my feelings abort The sad world of today. Now my only hope is that The young generation Have The strenght to take on The enourmous task of Change because I dont think I Will see it in my lifetime.

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