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Our Food Security is Under Threat!

Bees spend a lot of time around Nasturtiums. Fortunately lots came up in the compost I filled the new raised beds with.

It is crazy to think that these beds were only created about six weeks ago.

There is a brilliant harvest to be had from these little beds already.

Tomatoes are ripening and almost ready to pick.

I’m glad about that as over recent weeks the price of tomatoes has shot up to two euros for a handful of small toms that are not even organically grown!

These Sugar-Snap Peas have been producing for several weeks already, so will definitely save some of the seeds for next year!

Food is rising in price as land is being either scorched away, washed away, or bought up by corporations!

I have just finished storing the Blackcurrant Harvest in the freezer.

It amounted to well over a hundred pounds…I stopped weighing out the bags in the end!

The Pumpkins are promising a grand harvest as they continue to grow and produce more and more fruit…I will have to stop them soon!

I made a video earlier this morning about the progress of plants and wildlife over near the tunnel…enjoy…

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Making Space for Nature

The sun has shone brightly in a clear sky over Bealtaine Cottage for many weeks now.

Bluebells have blossomed a month or so earlier than last year.

 The seasons have become confused, that I can say with certainty.

However, on a glorious day, despite the little or no water I have in the cottage, I cannot complain… The earth is warming fast below the trees and bushes and plants of every description and Nature continues to take over the conducting of affairs on this small-holding.

Yesterday I planted out peas I had grown in the tunnel in pots…enough to give them a good start and resistance to the slugs…I have a backup group of peas, already big and strong, should the first lot be completely eaten!

A mighty blue sky…with no chemtrails at all!

I have been aware of the stripy trails for some time now and remark on the rare days when I do not see them…no flights today!

 As I write this on Sunday morning, it’s about 8am, the sky is cloudy, naturally so! 

On a different subject,  I am deep in thought considering colour, well, colours to be correct, but shades of colours would be even more so…for, with all the bright sunshine this Spring, I have noticed a need to repaint the interior of my cottage. The bright sun makes the walls look dowdy in comparison!

Shades of white, if, indeed white is a colour, are on my mind…I am testing out mixes, for I mix them myself, being as frugal as possible on a very limited budget that few could live a day on, never mind a month!

It makes the process all the more interesting, as I collect up pots of half used paint from family, friends and neighbours! 

There has been a grand de-cluttering process underway at Bealtaine Cottage and I have left bags and bags of “stuff,” into the local charity shop, feeling liberated and unburdened with each trip.

My aim is to have only pictures, books and music on display,  with the occasional vase of natural flowers or whatever is growing outside, brought in to display. That way I will be more in tune with, and appreciative of, Nature!

So far, this process has been utterly liberating and joyful…I would heartily recommend  it to all who are in search of a happier life!

Valerian has broken into flower in some of the more sheltered areas around the walls of the cottage. This wonderful flower grows readily in limestone gravel, flowers in late spring and stays in bloom for all of the summer and into early autumn…how brilliant is that then!