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If There’s Going To Be A Future…

permaculture at 024

…it’s going to look quite different from the past… 026

Much of what we use in our everyday lives just happens to be by-products of the petro-chemical industry, so that will have to change as oil production has peaked. 007

The bulk of food grown is produced with masses of chemicals from the petro-chemical industry, so that has to change…

10 July 2014 054

Much of what we wear is also predicated on the petro-chemical industry, with man-made fibres forming the bulk of our furniture and bedding too!

Permaculture@ 003

Our waste is no longer given back to the Earth, instead it pollutes our stream, rivers, seas and oceans…madness in it’s entirety.

June 2014 026

Seed production has come to rest in the poisonous hands of multi-national corporations that pollute and deform the very essence of life!

Water is now a commodity, owned and traded by multi-national corporations…how did we ever allow that?

There was a time, in my lifetime, when one salary kept a family in comfort…now both parents have to work long hours to keep the wolf from the door!

Children used to have a childhood, playing outdoors, getting dirty, climbing trees and taking risks…our society now forbids this, keeping children Disneyfied instead and filling their minds with corporate nonsense!

Take a long, hard look at what we have created, or allowed to manifest.

Is this the future?

Well, of course it isn’t, for this civilization has peaked!


Well, isn’t that a relief!

By the east gable wall this morning.
By the east gable wall this morning.

Now, it really is time we planned the future…


We have been led into things for too long and look where it’s got us!

The future is going to be very different…you decide!